Cigarette Lighter Adapter Dual USB 2 x 500mA Led Expand

Cigarette Lighter Adapter Dual USB 2 x 2.1mA Led


A Cigarette Lighter Adapter with Dual USB 2x1.2mA or 2x 2.1mA, 2 LED status to maintain and will load during flight while preserving alternator and battery.

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Cigarette lighter adapter with dual usb  2x1.2mA or 2x 2.1mA with led satatus


Finally, a power adapter and small discreet cigar that provides two USB ports to power and charge your portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, PDA or MP3 player for example.

After test, 2 x 500 mA in an airplane will not charge 2 devices simultaneously. This car adapter with 2 USB ports will actually will not just MAINTAIN charges of 2 devices and in a balanced manner but load them. All cigarette lighter adapters do not have this ability (2 USB sockets of different power, check it!)

Plug the adapter into a cigarette lighter socket and relate your devices with their respective cable and it will load (single unit) or that will hold the load (2 iPad high energy consumming products)!

  •      Dual USB
  •      Two USB ports for two loads simultaneously!
  •      Intensity: 2x1.2mA or 2x 2.1mA LED status
  •      Dimensions: 34 x 26mm, length: 101mm