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A product on the website is a product in stock or available.

1. Open an account

To order, you must have an account.

You can create it from the customer area or when confirming your order:


  • Save the information necessary to process your order (personal details and delivery address).
  • Choose a password that allows you then to your e-mail address, identify yourself and easily manage your account. (If you forget a security you will find it)

2. Registration

You enter your order online.

After validation of the payment, you immediately receive an email confirming that your order is registered. Automatically you are remembered the content.

- If you used Paybox: Paybox website sends you a payment receipt

- If you use PAYPAL: PAYPAL website address you count of your payment made.

For other means of payment only one e-mail indicating change of status of your order is sent to you. It will tell you "preparing order".

3. Validation

Each order is verified by a robot to detect fraud (consultation of files of fraudulent use of credit cards) and matching phone number and address. Otherwise our control service checks manually to ensure that the person who pays is the person who ordered and will be delivered (it is then imperative to specify a valid phone number if possible a landline number, associated with the delivery address or billing)

- Validation of payment : If you did not choose or was not able to choose depending the country you order from, the online payment by credit card or Paypal (account or credit card), the validation of your payment is effective upon receipt of your payment (check, wire transfer, proof of payment money order).

- If you are prompted to validate your identity the order is only effective upon receipt of a photocopy of an identity document and proof of residence, regardless of payment method selected.

Attention Please! Until it is approved, your order is registered but is not taken into account. The more you delay in providing these different pieces, plus the availability of the product may change in between! (There may therefore be out of stock between the time you place your order and validate it).

4. Treatment

Once your order is confirmed, it is processed. Our logistics department verifies the product number and either delivers it direct or out supplier drop ship it, if it is not held in stock.
An email will be sent to confirm that your order is taken into account, the availability is generally the one that was announced on the website (unless a missing supporting document delayed the confirmation of your order).
In the event of subsequent changes in availability (supplier delays, or supplier problems...), a new mail is sent to you, to keep you informed.

The supplier processes the order.

Special case : You order two items that listed one not kept in stock by us, you will receive two packages one of the Aerodiscount logistics service  and one from our supplier who will send you directly the produts to save time and transportation costs. Your order is processed in two places, but only the website aerodiscount.com communicate with you and addresses in particular the tracking numbers.

5. Tracking

You can follow the status of your order at any time through our online tracking service. Go to your customer account, select "I access my online order tracking," Log in and choose your order. If necessary, you can contact us with questions by clicking on the button "Add a message: If you want to leave a message about your order, thank you for writing it here. "Or by simply clicking on the" contact us "in the menu under the logos of the means of payment to the left of your screen.

6. Shipping

When the product leaves our warehouse, a mail is sent to let you know the shipping of your package.

Articles from our suppliers: When items are shipped directly from our supplier, an email announcing the dispatch of your order will be generaly sent by us and we will transmit you the tracking number.

7. Delivery

Generally we use the post office "colissimo against signature" or one of our referenced  carriers "Fast delivery door to door" or "Collect Point", in France (contracted by us or our supplier). You will be delivered your product to the address you chose when registering your order.
The parcel will be delivered against signature to you and against presentation of an identity card. (same last name and first name as shown on the registration of the delivery address)

Whatever the mode of transportation you can track your package at any time on the website of our partner. Upon taking into account of your package in the post office or carrier network.

- Deadlines
The average delivery time is 2 to 3 business days after shipment, in France.

- In cas of absence
A notification card will be left, allowing you to pick up your parcel in your post office. Then you have 15 days to withdraw your order at the Post Office as shown on the notification card from your postman.
In the case of one of our referenced carrier you have 10 days to get your product out to the filing of the carrier as indicated on the notification of passage . You can call the customer service of the carrier to plan and agree with him a new delivery date. It may be that the carrier will give you a cost to represent the package.

                 You have a specific question?

                 We are ready and will be pleased to answer :

- Pre-sales : Tel: +33 (0) 974 771 042

                        (answering machine only - Callback by us within 24 hours):

    NOTE : 09 Numbers are VOIP number (Voice over IP - internet).
           These numbers are NOT overtaxed

(Cost of a local call if in France)


- Customer Service : You can track your order directly by following the link on the website of Colissimo La Poste or the carrier's partner. This link was sent by e-mail after shipping of your package..
- Or otherwise from our site. Go to your account. Log in, select your order and your question by clicking on "Add a message: If you want to leave a message about your order, thank you for writing it here. "
 - Or simply by clicking the "contact us" in the menu under the logos of the means of payment to the left of your screen.


You wish that we pass the order for you?

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