Private life

We pledge to you, visitors and customers that on our web-site, we guarantee the confidentiality of personal information you provide us with:

Nature of the data collected on the website of Aerodiscount.
However, in order to process your order, we must be able to know
and remember some of the parameters that we received from
your computer or on you, information that you gave us on your own. 

We use cookies, these are little programs used in a single goal: save time for and during your visit, and your identity (Known by your username and encrypted password) and the contents of your
basket as you filled it. Once your consultation or shopping finished, this information is stored on your computer automatically and not on our servers, you have possibility to intentionally erase cookies.

      - No worries then.

 We only keep a record of your transactions successful or not and messages addressed to you for history background and accounting purposes.

Protection of personal data

As a merchant :

The merchant through customer records collect certain information necessary to process orders.
The merchant handles all this information with the utmost Privacy.

The automated processing of personal information on the merchant's website has been registered with the French National Commission Informatics and Liberties (CNIL). (legal obligation to guaranty the customer)


  • Under the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning your person. You can exercise this right by sending a letter to the head office address.
  • (The website is registered under CNIL Number : 1421012)

The information requested from the consumer is required to
process the order and may be shared with contractual partners of the
VASA-Tech company  (logistics and transportation company,
provider for direct mail) as part of the execution of this command.

But in any case your information will be provided to third parties for any kind of marketing activities or spamming.

NOTE: By requesting the cancellation of our files in accordance with the "Informatique et Liberté Act" (personal data protection), we lose the history of your account. Thereby extended warranty we provide as a Distributor on some of our products becomes obsolete and can not be maintained.