Secure Payment

Because your safety is central to our concerns and because you want to order online with confidence, Aerodiscount uses the secure reassure payment system PAYBOX from the Credit Agricole Banking system : all data concerning your payment is encrypted so that the information you send is completely protected when connecting to the branch.

These data are never circulating on the Internet unencrypted and are in no way stored on our servers : we never know your personal banking information, we do not know the number of your credit card statements even on the PAYBOX back-office.

This procedure is now considered to be the safest procedure. 


You can also pay  :

- by check (mailing address for your payment and name appear in the selection of this method of payment during the purchase on the site)

- by bank transfer. Our rib will be sent on request.

Our swift informations are given during the procedure or could be sent on request.

(our bank account used for these transfers is only a Receiving Bank account)


Word of caution :

Check the websites of online payment that your connection in the task bar when making your payment is indicated httpsunsure.png/xxxxxxxxxxx the S stands for secure.

The symbols : Let you know that the transaction is secured.

You must check (depending on the browsers) you have a padlock which appears in your program bar or at the bottom of your screen.

For more information see


 PAYBOX products and services : security focus







  Simple and practical, you specify the number to 16 digits on your card and its date of expiry. Then enter the last 3 digits on the back of your credit card to the left of your signature.

Aerodiscount, accepts Credit Card Visa and Eurocard / Mastercard.

When placing your order, you are prompted for a landline number or a cellular. This allows us to call you back you, in case we would have a problem when checking your credit card number.

Orders placed by credit card are subject to internal controls by a robot consistency check and in some cases, they may be rejected and an alternative means of payment or further explanation may be requested.


June 2014 3D SECURE implementation

Facing MANY frauds and scams (minimum one per week) with credit card from abroad, and from France, we were forced to not jeopardize our business to adopt the 3D SECURE system.

Police services (probably with given orders, not to swell the statistics) refusing to take more complaints and justifying their lack of human and action resources)

In case you would not be identified with your bank for the use of this system, you always have the option if you wish to pay by PAYPAL Credit Card payment system as we accept it.



If you wish to pay by check, fill your cart normally on the site and select the payment method "check".
You can then access a printable version of your order you can send with your check (payable to the order of Vasa-Tech Aerodiscount) to the following address :

VASA-Tech Aerodiscount
3 Rue du Chateau Saint Etienne
15000 AURILLAC     -    FRANCE

Your order will be processed upon receipt of your mail.



 Aerodiscount accepts PayPal, you can pay directly with PAYPAL from our site.

You can also pay from account to account with the PAYPAL address of Aerodiscount :
postmaster "@"     (remove the two quotes)
Then you must inform us of your payment by the contact section of the website.

PayPal also offers you the option of paying directly with your credit card without opening a PayPal account.



The online store accepts transfers including from abroad. You must validate this option on the page "choice of payment" all the information you need will be provided.

Be aware that we use a special bank account for such transfers : this account is a receipt of funds account ONLY.

It is preferable for you to tell us by mail, the date on which you made it from your bank and its wording.