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S.A.R.L (Ltd) capital of EURO 8 000.00 

  •     SIRET: 45364219100010
  •     APE: 4690Z
  •     R. C. S. Aurillac

 Intracommunity V. A. T. number  :  FR 95 453 642 191

          VASA-Tech exists since 2004


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Who are we ?

Aerodiscount is really a flagship online webstore with REAL discount prices. The online store exists since 2004.

The online store sells : Helmets, headsets for aircraft or helicopters
private, business and professional pilots, radio transmitter -
receiver  (VHF on airband frequencies), receivers scanners on airband,

safety aeronautical products, life jackets, emergency beacons,
aviation and environment protections products in or around aircraft and for
the cockpit.

This is a shop that offers timers and watches, luggage and clothing for pilots

such as helmet or headsets bags and general accessories for pilots, flying passengers
in plane or helicopter. On board movie cameras, binoculars, picture camera
picture, memory cards and accessories, and
dynamometers, digital compasses, anemometers ...
But also products for people who travel on commercial airlines, audio adapters,
universal travel plugs, accessories for travel comfort and relaxation, cushions and
massage necklaces,  clips for glasses.
Product used for Aircraft mechanic or persons responsible and in charge for maintenance,
endoscopes, fading of scratches or scratches eraser, tugs and electric tow bars
and tools and adapters to easily move aircraft or helicopters
(Motor towing bars).

Our clients include:


    •     - Pilots and enthusiasts in the world of airports, plane , private or professional aviation .
    •     - Pilot and Cabin Crew Schools,.
    •     - Professional Pilots that equip themselves individually.
    •     - Airlines.
    •     - Travelers
They are our references, you probably know one around you.


To remain DISCOUNT We do very little advertising

(because at the end your are the one who will pay).

We thank you if you are satisfied with our services to include or tell

about us in your personal or air clubs website links or internet media.

Thanks a lot in advance.



The word Discount has a negative connotation for some people.

DISCOUNT for us does not mean service and poor quality product, but a service and products of equal quality to those you will find in other stores, but at a price REALLY cheaper.


We are pilots and we select test and sell products for them.




If you are a supplier of products at your brand or can offer batches of products related to the aeronautics and if you wish to use our sales channel :Si vous êtes fournisseur de produits à votre marque ou de lots de produits liés à l'aéronautique et que vous désirez utiliser notre créneau de commercialisation : Wenn Sie ein Lieferant von Produkten an Ihrer Marke oder von Produktlosen sind, die mit der Luftfahrt verbunden sind, und daß Sie wünschen, unsere Vermarktungsmarktlücke zu benutzen :Si usted es abastecedor de productos a su marca o de lotes de productos atados a la aeronáutica y si usted desea utilizar nuestra almena de comercialización :
postmaster "at"