We propose only 1 mode of delivery.

The shipping costs are due for any order, they are calculated according to the rates of the destinations first France then Europe, DOM TOM and the rest of the world. In the term "Shipping costs" of your invoice we include a fixed preparation cost whether your order is of small amount or not of one or more products and a fixed packaging cost.

Our shipping methods are mainly :

- Service Colissimo followed at home (France DOM TOM and abroad): Delivery by La Poste

- Service Lettre Suivie à domicile remise en main propres : Delivery by La Poste

For Colissimo home deliveries your package is presented once, if you are absent the package will be deposited at your nearest post office, a notice notifying you of this passage will be left in your mailbox. You will then have 15 days to withdraw the package before it is returned to us. If you fail to collect the package in time, we will be forced to charge you a re-shipping fee.

To find out the exact shipping costs, simply register and create a shopping cart with the correct delivery address. The "Shipping Costs" in the "Shopping Cart" are automatically calculated according to the weight of the selected products. You get a quote with this invoice that you can print for your administrative needs.


Shipping time :

The orders are prepared during the working days following the validation of these.

Count then 48 to 72 hours for France, 5 to 7 days for overseas, 3 to 4 days for Belgium and 3 to 8 days for the rest of the world depending on the zone. Generally, orders placed before 11:00 am are prepared the same day except on Mondays when there may be a delay of one day due to the quantity of shipments to be prepared following the weekend. ATTENTION: All public holidays generating bridges generate a delay in a general way all the bridges are carried out in considered as days of non forwarding.

During the summer, every year, the 15 days straddling the bridge of August 15, deliveries are disrupted and carried out at best once a week or shifted completely at the end of the vacations.


Our items are available immediately, if they are orderable on the site and if the label add to cart on a light green background is present on the product page

However when it is the case, the articles in the course of restocking are indicated with the mention "Out of stock" or "On order" or "Delivery under xx of days".

- If the product is present on the site it is followed and in the course of restocking or on order.

- If it is no longer available, it disappears from the site or it is clearly mentioned at the top of the product page that it is discontinued and a suggestion of a product that replaces it is proposed.


Your payment can be made in four ways:

Credit card : (credit card, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard), debit your account depending on your bank.

Paypal : Pay with your Paypal account during the secure payment of our store. The debit of your account is immediate.
We also offer you the option to pay with your credit card on PAYPAL but without having opened a PAYPAL account.

By bank transfer: The necessary data for the transfer are provided in the details of your order and in your customer area. Any transfer fees remain at your charge. Your order will be taken into account upon receipt of the transfer on our account.

By check: You will have to make out your bank or postal check (payable in France) to the order of VASA-Tech Aerodiscount and join it to your order (duplicate invoice) that you will have printed beforehand and that you will be able to consult in your customer area. Send it all by mail:

                     VASA-Tech aerodiscount

                      3, rue du Château Saint Etienne

                      15000 AURILLAC FRANCE

The Customer guarantees to the company VASA-Tech that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen by him.


Aerodiscount uses all necessary means to ensure the security and confidentiality of data transmitted online. To this end, the Aerodisocunt.com site uses a secure mode of payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer) visible on your order bar of your browser by the display of HTTPS the S meaning Secure. The transaction is carried out via PAYBOX (Verifone E-commerce system) or by Paypal either by your account directly or in the case of the use of your bank card, services proposed respectively by the Bank Crédit Agricole Centre France and Paypal, which alone have the banking information provided on the site at the time of the payment.


Refunds / Withdrawals :

We accept product returns up to 14 days after receiving the package. For any request for product return and refund, you just have to send us an e-mail asking for the return agreement and briefly explaining why you were not satisfied with the product and send back the products in question.

In all cases, the refund or withdrawal must be requested beforehand by communicating through the site www.aerodiscount and your customer account prior to any reshipment of Products in order to keep a traceability of exchanges. The expenses of delivery generated by the return of the order (even partial) remain with the load of the Customer.

Product exchange:

This option is only applicable when exchanging an equivalent product, the customer will have to send back the products to Aerodiscount at his expenses and pay if necessary an additional price and reshipment.

In all the cases the products will have to be forwarded with the original invoice in their packing of origin (if applicable comprising the label of description and number of batch, the handwritten mentions of test for the concerned helmets) in perfect state allowing their putting back in stock and their direct resale.


Yes, we ship our products both to the DOM/TOM and internationally (Worldwide).

To find out the packaging and shipping costs for destinations other than Metropolitan France, simply consult the "Shopping Cart" created after registering and providing the delivery address. The shipping costs are then automatically calculated for your destination according to the weight of the selected products.

Some countries have restrictions on payment methods. Aerodiscount reserves the right not to ship to certain countries, some aeronautical products being considered as sensitive and under embargo for some.



No, we only sell online. It is therefore impossible for customers to pick up their order directly at Aerodiscount. However, if you are passing through Aurillac, we will be happy to welcome you and let you try the products or discuss about them directly from our warehouse.

You can also find us on some aeronautical shows or events.


It is always difficult to predict a result because everything depends on a large number of factors. The position of the receiver, hollow or top of the hill, the surrounding house (cement, presence of scrap metal, Faraday cage... ), the environment (curtain of trees or buildings), high elements around (chimney, metallic mass...), radio electric environment (high voltage line, telephone or television pylon etc...), occupation of the house, etc. ... amateur radio, doctor, paramedic, rescue center), occupation of frequencies around (FM band or shortwave ... military), weather (foggy or wet or very dry weather, temperature ...) And it is the same for the transmitter. The same constraints apply. But you must know that an airfield transmitter is always more powerful than a transmitter on board an aircraft, that the radio antenna of a field is always better "tuned" to the frequency of this field than that of the aircraft which can navigate from 118 to 136 MHz. You know the distance to the field, it remains fixed, but if the aircraft is opposite to your location and moves away, you may in fact be out of range or with very poor reception. A roof top antenna with a mast could improve the reception of a private aircraft and not a commercial flight in some areas is forced to fly low and the propagation of the waves is then more problematic especially if it is far away. In addition, on some aerodromes, there is "watering", that is to say that the tower transmits on several frequencies at the same time, which allows information to other aircraft in the area, while the plane only traffics on one. In the vicinity of PARIS it is the case of the SIV Seine info. This can be an explanation. Often it is necessary to take the conversation from the beginning to know on which frequency one indicated to the aircraft to emit. If you are on this frequency you will then have the complete conversation of this device. (but maybe not the one with other devices). On the other hand, as previously mentioned, the range can vary from a few hundred meters to a few dozen kilometers, a microlight with a portable radio transformed into a "fixed" device can only use 5 Watts of power, this is the legislation. A FIXED aircraft and not a mobile transformed into a fixed at a higher power. Generally for a plane in flight therefore without obstacle it is rather the last distance that one must retain. We can compensate with an antenna adapted in frequency and position on top of the roof or mast.

Why Aerodiscount does not sell without VAT or at 0% VAT:
Aerodiscount delivers worldwide but established in France Aerodiscount RESPECTS THE LAW, so Aerodiscount does not sell at 0% VAT. It is also mentioned in our general conditions of sales and here is the reason:

Extract from our General Sales Conditions (GSC)

NOTE: Sales DOM - TOM and abroad are made including VAT, it is up to the customer if he wants to recover or be exempted from VAT to make himself the formalities
with the customs services or his competent territorial administration.

Reason for this sale TTC respect of the law, the General Tax Code and the Customs Code in France: article 262-I-2° of the CGI on the capital goods of tourist aircraft:
"The scope of this exemption is, however, limited since the deliveries in question normally remain taxable when they relate to equipment and fueling goods for pleasure boats, tourist aircraft and all other means of transport for private use (motor cars, in particular)."
See the attached link on the Legifrance site - The governmental site of the Public Service of Access to Law: the exclusion described Paragraph 2° :
- Official source Article 262-I-2° of the CGI 'Code Générale des Impôts
See the attached link This exclusion is recalled in the Customs website in the section: General Rules (middle of the page)
- VAT on export Text of the Customs
The official source : http/www.douane.gouv.fr/articles/a10891-tva-a-l-exportation

Following this interpretation, VASA-Tech, the company that manages Aerodiscount, was checked (perhaps not by chance) and corrected. The Export or DOM TOM customer doesn't see anything, but I, as manager, can tell you that it's frustrating and it cost the VAT adjustment and a fine, then cancelled for "good faith".
The tax inspector also indicated that there is no obligation for a merchant to sell tax-free especially to individuals.

As Aerodiscount sells products generally intended for pilots and tourist aircraft, in particular helmets, I comply with the law.
The management software of the site does not allow to differentiate the products that may not be used in an aircraft.
Moreover, for Aerodiscount, it is too complicated to keep an export book and then a differentiated accounting, among others with the DOM TOM (which is France, yes!!!) and abroad.
That generates in more an increase of the controls of the administration, etc... To be Discount and to offer competitive prices, it is necessary to limit the charges and the costs as well as the hassles Aerodiscount exerts as indicated previously its activity starting from France, not from Luxembourg or from a tax-free and administratively quiet Channel Island like some of my competitors.
Moreover, the prices charged by Aerodiscount are generally lower than the prices of other stores.

Other stores can sell you tax-free, but for what concerns us we stopped.

If you can order on the site it means that the product is available.
- If the green add to cart label is present it means that you have this possibility.
Aerodiscount has always had an ethic of not wasting the time of its potential customers.

- If a product is present but not available, it means that it is being restocked and it is indicated either its availability date (this option is extremely rare due to the uncertain times of imports) or a banner "please notify me as soon as this product is back in stock" and you are asked to leave your e-mail. You will receive a message as soon as the quantity is back in stock.

- If it is not available any more, it is withdrawn from the site, if it remains on the site (very very exceptional case which one finds in the heading radios it is the case of MAYCOM which are maintained by my competitors (to attract) whereas they are discontinued definitively by the supplier MAYCOM Korea since henceforth 10 years, idem for POLMAR),
A note refers on their descriptive page towards another equivalent and active product and this dices the first lines, the product when it is indicated like being definitively unavailable and the reason (often stop of manufacture for the manufacturer).

This is what Aerodiscount considers as honesty towards its customers when doing business even on the internet where things are generally a bit "wild" as we would say and where you are made to come on a site where there is not even the product or its equivalent that you are looking for.

Understanding where sound comes from

Sound is made up of waves - often air oscillations - it is produced by the vibration of a sound source which can be a solid, liquid or gaseous body. The impulse of the sound waves causes the air to oscillate: its pressure increases and then decreases in a regular way. These vibrations become sounds as soon as they can be perceived by a receiver, the ear in this case. The intensity of sound is measured in decibels according to a logarithmic scale, its frequency is expressed in hertz (Hz) and corresponds to the number of oscillations. For information, the human ear is sensitive to vibrations between 16 Hz and 20 000 Hz.

Noise is an undesirable sound that is distinguished by its annoying character. If exposed over a long period of time, it starts to be harmful from 80 dB. From 90 to 115 dB, it causes damage more quickly. Above 115 dB, impulsive, very brief noises immediately cause irreversible damage.

This is why it is important to wear appropriate hearing protection in the event of temporary or prolonged contact with all kinds of noise pollution: drills, chainsaws, jackhammers, ball shooting, hunting, etc., but also the interior of a cockpit or the proximity of a running engine.


Passive sound insulation is the most common method of attenuating sound. It is the type of insulation used to insulate buildings, rooms in houses, recording studios, cars, airplanes. This technique consists in absorbing and reflecting a sound wave thanks to one or several materials in combination. It allows to decrease the sound intensity in a space, if there is no need of listening it is by the obturation of the auditory canal but in the case of helmet, it is about the shell of auricle. Passive isolation is therefore used in all audio headsets. The performance comes from a shell more or less encompassing or sealing the ear canal, the material of the shell and its association with one or more internal linings and their properties and thicknesses, as well as the material of the ear cushion and its sealing. We speak of attenuation of the level of intensity or sound attenuation index generally mentioned R in the instructions.
A passive insulation is more powerful on the acute ones.


The first patents for this technology on a protective helmet were filed in 1986 by Frenchmen (by Christian Carme (PhD student at CNRS) and Alain Roure (research engineer at CNRS). A patent was also filed by Dr. Amar G. Bose in 1986 on a similar device but based on a slightly different operating principle (patent EP0208389). This technology was initially developed and quickly diffused in practice for the aeronautics, it was then used for the situations of work subjected to high levels of noise and was then deployed for the HIFI and the musical listening.

How it works: It is by adding a sound identical in phase opposition to the one perceived by one or more microphone sensors that we will cancel this ambient noise. Attention: we do not obtain silence, as is often mentioned when ANR is mentioned, but "No Noise". Depending on the analysis circuit, all the frequencies present are cancelled out more or less well. In the case of an aeronautical headset you will still hear the engine noise or the stall alarm. It should be noted that to make it work, you need a power supply, usually a battery box.
Active noise reduction is effective on the bass, the combination of passive and active is necessary.

With time and the change of use of the ANR the technology has evolved.
At the base the ANR was "set" on a main frequency of a "constant" environment this frequency was known as engine noise, jackhammer, machine, fan, etc. .... Then the use evolved for the HIFI which became nomadic.
- The ANR is very effective in reducing regular and uniform low frequency noise, which is the case of an engine noise set at a number of revolutions generally identical from one flight to another. On the other hand, short or changing atmospheres will not be well analyzed, this is what we call a calibrated ANR. (set to a known main frequency)

On the other hand, there are now dynamic ANRs, these electronic ANR circuits adapt and change the main frequency heard during changes of environment, for example: subway, street under construction, street with traffic, station or airport hall, living room or bedroom, etc...
Even if this capacity and flexibility is a progress, it is not very useful in aeronautics where the same frequency is known and found from one flight to another. At 2450 rpm a Continental or Lycoming will always emit the same frequency.

An important safety point: when the ANR of an aeronautical helmet does not work or no longer works (discharged batteries) the helmet continues to work in passive.


When it is not attached to the product or downloadable with your purchase or provided in the download area located at the top of the page in a tab to open under the Photos, it is the description of the product on the site that takes its place.
This question is answered in our general conditions of sale in order to respect the French legislation on the sale of products in France.
You can access this section on the footer of all pages of the site or by following this link https://www.aerodiscount.com/fr/content/3-conditions-d-utilisation-cgv :

"Photos are non-contractual.
Please note that the detailed description of the product (text and photos) on our website, makes our particularity compared to other sites.
This description often serves as a user manual. PRINT IT."

"Photos are not contractual.
As already indicated: Note that the detailed product description (text and photos) on our website, is our particularity compared to other sites,
is often used as a user's manual. It is therefore recommended to print it.


The answer to this question can be found in our General Sales Conditions. Here is the main part of it.
It does not exempt you from reading these terms and conditions of sale, you must commit yourself to having read them before accepting your order as for all sites.

The aerodiscount helmets and the products sold on the site are guaranteed, they benefit from a legal guarantee of 1 year, AGAINST ANY MANUFACTURING VICE, except for wearing parts (earpieces, cups).
- The rechargeable batteries when they are included in the product do not benefit from the guarantee beyond the 14 days of test.
The other products, intercoms, radios and watches benefit from the manufacturer's warranty which is 1 year (except for batteries and consumables).

Aerodiscount excludes from this warranty cases of misuse or negligence (prolonged stay in the sun under a canopy, sand, pinching of cable, broken boom due to non-conforming torsion, use with bad impedance and overvoltage, wet microphone or left in the cold, among others...)
Aerodiscount cannot be held responsible for unforeseeable, indirect or immaterial damages, damages related to a defective use or not of the sold product,
to the non conformity of the sold product to the needs of the customer or any other damage related to a cause independent of aerodiscount.

In case of after sales service:
All returned material must be requested in advance.
It must be returned :
- In its original packaging, this one is thus to be preserved.
- A copy of the ORIGINAL invoice sent with the product and often handwritten (test, instruction, serial number...), it is not the reprint of the one kept on your account.
- A description of the defect or the reason for the warranty claim.


Aerodiscount cannot impose or control the schedules and actions of your letter carrier (the majority of parcels are delivered by La Poste) or even that of a deliveryman in the case of a carrier by imposing a prior call.
With the tracking number sent to you automatically, you always have the option of logging on to the tracking system and having the parcel delivered to a post office or postal outlet, so that it's available when you need it. If it's not the post office, the message will tell you so. It's up to you to contact the carrier to agree on a delivery day and time, or to change the delivery location.

Advice given by Bercy Infos, on 17/05/2022 - Internet shopping

Reading time: 4 minutes

When you make an online purchase, make sure the site you're buying from isn't a scam.

What advice should you follow? We've got the answers.
Check the seller's identity and the website's reputation

To be sure that the site you're looking to buy from is reliable, the Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes (DGCCRF) (https://www.economie.gouv.fr/dgccrf) recommends "entering the name of the site or product on a search engine, possibly combined with the term 'scam'".

In the search results, you can check whether other Internet users have already had bad experiences with the seller.
Check legal notices and general terms and conditions of sale

Websites are obliged to publish legal notices: this means you can check the name, company name, address, contact details and so on.

It's also a good idea to read the general terms and conditions of sale (GTCS), which usually appear at the bottom of the home page. You'll be able to access a number of useful items of information: conditions of sale, price scale, possible price reductions, terms of payment, etc.

It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS), which usually appear at the bottom of the home page. You'll find a wealth of useful information: terms of sale, price scale, possible price reductions, terms of payment, etc.
Beware of overly tempting offers

Beware of overly tempting offers. They can sometimes conceal scams.

Even when it's not a scam, online sellers sometimes post very tempting offers, including big discounts, which don't always correspond to reality.

The DGCCRF advises you to take the time to compare not only the cost of the product, but also its availability, delivery times and ancillary services (such as warranties).
Check the features of the product or service

By definition, checking the characteristics of a product you buy online is very complicated, since you can't touch it, try it out or question the seller.

It is therefore advisable to read the product description carefully, so as to have access to as much information as possible about the product or service purchased: full name, quality, size or measurements, composition, accessories supplied, etc.
Beware of sites with little product description.

Final tip: don't rely on photos alone!
Don't rely solely on consumer reviews

Consumer reviews are not always reliable.

Whether they're false positive reviews posted by the professional, or by his or her communications agency, or negative reviews written by a competitor, false reviews on online sites mislead consumers and distort competition, even though the practice of false reviews is forbidden in France.

To find out more about consumer reviews on the Internet, please consult our dedicated article: Can we trust online reviews? (https://www.economie.gouv.fr/particuliers/faux-avis-consommateurs-sur-internet)
Choose a European or French site

It's advisable to choose a French or European site, in order to guarantee you rights (such as the right of retraction, for example) that sites based outside the European Union do not. In the event of a dispute, your claims against foreign sites outside the EU will be less likely to succeed.

Similarly, websites based outside the European Union do not always indicate customs duties and VAT.

Good to know

As the DGCCRF points out, a .fr website does not guarantee that it is published by a French company. Read the "legal notices" to remove any ambiguity.

Paying with care

Before paying, the seller must allow you to check the details of your order and its total price. The DGCCRF explains: "Consent is characterized by a double click:

    the 1st click allows you to check the nature and composition of the order
    the 2nd click is used to definitively confirm the order".

When you're ready to pay, check that the site you're paying on is secure. On some sites, the URL of the "http://" page becomes "https://", with the addition of the "s" for "Secure", and a closed padlock may also appear in your browser window. The DGCCRF specifies that: "the seller must confirm that your page is secure in a dialog window before the start of any transaction."

For added security when paying online, we also recommend that you choose a double precaution with your bank when making your purchase. For example, confirm your purchase with a code received by SMS.

The CNIL also advises against allowing certain applications and web browsers to store your bank details, so as not to have to re-enter them at a later date. These terminals do not always guarantee the security of bank data.

Good to know

    Once the order has been placed, you should receive confirmation of the contract, listing the goods or services purchased, the price, the delivery date and the standard cancellation form. This is often an invoice.
    You are also advised to check that the amount debited to your account corresponds to the order you placed.


No, sorry, messages sent via the contact section of the site before or after account creation are processed first. Priority is given to people who have already created an account on the site. Your questions must be precise and presented with a minimum of "formalism and politeness". A non-Hello message simply saying "please call me back", without giving a precise reason or name, will be treated like a voicemail from an anonymous person whose telephone number is barely indicated on the call and not contained in the message. It's often a good idea to give a way of reaching you by phone, whether in writing or by voicemail, as some questions are complex and time-consuming to answer in writing. In order to answer them, you'll often need to clarify and ask questions, so avoid the back-and-forth of written e-mails.
Nevertheless, written requests enable us to keep track of exchanges.
Telephone calls are dealt with in a concentrated manner, in batches when time is available, or at least with the certainty of having a little time to respond in full. These voice messages actually arrive in an e-mail inbox that is heavily spammed and may not be seen quickly, or worse, completely drowned out and forgotten.

Don't forget, you're on a discount site, so margins are low. That's why the site's data sheets are very detailed, enabling you to form an opinion, make a comparison and finally make a choice. Buying a discount product requires a certain degree of autonomy. If you want personalized advice, or to be told what is indicated in the data sheets, which takes time, there are three solutions: either aérodiscount has to increase its prices to take this into account and therefore no longer be discount, or you have to be billed for the time spent, or you have to go to a store or specialized workshop, as their margins allow them to do so. If the latter are not technical, that's a mistake when you work in the aeronautical world. These days, everything has a cost.