Cigarette Lighter Car Adapter Charger 4 USB ports and cigarette lighter 12/24 V - 1 A with LED Expand

Cigarette Lighter Car Adapter Charger 4 USB ports and cigarette lighter 12/24 V - 1 A with LED


Turn your cigarette lighter into a charging station for mobile devices, 4 USB and a continuation of the cigarette lighter, which thus remains fully available for other devices ports such as a GPS.




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cigarette lighter adapter quad USB with cigarette light  plug available






Another cigarette lighter adapter which also does not lose its cigarette lighter function (pretty well supplied!).


In fact you'll find quite easily on the market, two USB adapters or two lighter but finding one that offers both opportunities and provides four (4) USB ports and a cigarette lighter socket free for charge your mobile devices like iPod , iPhone, PDA, MP3 player or GPS, it's harder to find.

Aerodiscount found it .

After test , 4 USB socket x 500mA or 2A max and 1cigarette lighter, it will sure pump on the alternator, so avoid having to reload all at the same time anyway. This charger is designed to have all cables connected at the same time but it is rather to juggle with different adapters. Use it in car driving to your aircraft place rather than in flight, it is my opinion ...

Nevertheless it is protected and there is no fear of overheating, a system for limiting output power ensures security .

Plug the adapter into a cigarette lighter socket and your equipment and cables that will charge. It will support (single device or multiple devices low power ) or it will only keep your device load and you will get a simple limitation of discharge, if you have 4 devices connected. Do not expect the moon anyway.


  • Quadruple USB charger socket with cigarette lighter plug for cigarette lighter
  • 5ports : 4 x USB (5 V), 1 x cigarette lighter (12 ou 24 V)
  • Output current 4 x 500 mA, 2000 mA max.
  • Dimensions : 106 x 56 x 56 mm
  • Weight : 65 g