Women's Adapter for Wee Wee Cool - Standing Piss P-Easy


This adapter allows women of all ages to urinate upright or discreetly in all circumstances: in bed, wheelchair, plane, car, associated with the Wee-Wee Cool bag containing a super-absorbent pad made of crystals gelling liquids and odors. It will become indispensable for long flights by private airplane.
Essential for female pilots who find it difficult to restrain themselves or wait for the pee break.

The P-EASY comes with a Discretion pocket and a pack of sanitizing wipes


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Women's Adapter for Pipi Cool - Standing Piss P-Easy


Female adapter to urinate in any circumstance it will surprise more than one but will allow you a freedom until then unknown ...

With this accessory, you can now say good-bye long waits before a stopover or the famous break "pee" and unhygienic toilets. Perfect to relieve yourself sitting in a plane associated with WeeWeeCool, or standing outdoors, at festivals or concerts, for your urine tests and without putting your fingers. Practical and easy to use, you will quickly adopt it. Made of semi-rigid silicone.

Dimensions approx. : 6 x 9 x 16 cm. it fits easily into a bag


  • No need to undress, this adapter allows women to urinate sitting or standing up. Ideal for airplane associated with Wee-Wee-Cool or in unhygienic public toilets, "delicate" situations in nature, urine tests, etc.


  • Fast, clean and leak-free, semi-rigid silicone, the weir cone is large enough to adapt to all morphologies, the cone of the support lips create a seal that prevents leaks. No risk of getting on your fingers !!


  • Easy to use with pants shorts or skirts


  • Hygienic even if some will blame him for not being disposable but to throw rigid paper because it exists also in this matter, is not more ecological. It is therefore necessary to clean it well with a disinfecting wipe or wash it after use with at least water and soap to avoid bacterial contamination during the next use. The support lips are turned outwards which avoids an inner fold or could nest germs and this facilitates maintenance. Discreet and practical to carry because it can be flexible.


A practical, hygienic and ecological product!
When traveling, by plane you will quickly find it indispensable. It will also be very useful in camping but also in the laboratory of medical analyzes to fill the famous small pot of glass ... As soon as you will have tried it the piss-easy will be adopted ... Use it also if you have difficulty leaning, sitting or squatting due to pregnancy or other medical problems. Women with reduced mobility or having for example a plastered leg will find its use particularly advantageous. You will also enjoy it if you practice sports or for outdoor activities or attend outdoor concerts. It will also allow you to use the men's toilets, wall urinal included (Attention to the reactions and eyes wide open of some, but promised you will also laugh ...). When women's toilets are inaccessible with their interminable queue! It also offers increased security for women in the military on mission. They have already quickly adopted it.
The piss-standing is the alternative to the squatting position used in the dubious toilets of some institutions.
Designed in a washable material, the piss-upright is not a disposable product but designed to last several years. He can be sterilized and agrees to be immersed in boiling water.



Innovation can be confusing at first ... but let yourself go without fear of splashing and enjoy this new freedom to finally be able to direct the jet to the desired location.

Women deserve the discretion, hygiene and dignity of standing piss or also called p-easy.



Open the cone of P-EASY. Unzip and / or slightly lower the front of your pants (or lift loose skirts and shorts), and move one leg of your underwear to the side. Place the large opening against your body by applying it well and the tube facing out. The sides of the P-EASY must completely surround the flow area and make firm contact with your body. Straighten your knees and push your lower back, tilting your hips until the tip is pointing slightly downwards (so rather backwards: pull out the buttocks). Relax and let nature do the rest. Stand up, be free and pee! A taboo disappears


Same procedure step slightly on the edge of the seat having been careful to introduce the tube into a bag of WeeWee-cool previously. (see below) Lean forward slightly. Relax and let nature do the rest.


The P-EASY comes with :

- Discretion pocket

- A pack of sanitizing wipes