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Fluorescein in Powder Sachet under Sealed Pouch Expand

Fluorescein in Powder Sachet under Sealed Pouch


Fluorescein powder to be dispersed in water. It dissolves instantaneously around a shipwrecked person, a fluorescent layer is then visible on a clear day up to 10 km, remains visible for several hours. It is a very effective safety supplement.

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Fluorescein Powder protected in WELDED POCKET


Fluorescein is a yellow/green fluorescent colouring powder that on contact with water gives a green phosphorescent colour to its environment.

The person in distress disperses the fluorescein in the water around them. It dissolves instantly, forming a fluorescent sheet. Visible in clear weather up to 10 km by plane, and remains visible for several hours. It allows and facilitates day and night sighting if illuminated from a ship, plane or helicopter. It is a very effective safety supplement.

Delivered in a waterproof welded pouch with fixing cord. The pouch protects the powder bag from unintentional opening or diffusion. The product being particularly tenacious if accidentally released, even on the skin.




• Delivered in a sealed pouch welded with fixing cord (Blister pack)
• Bag of 40 gr.
• Visibility for: 1 hour minimum in salt water (usually 8 to 12 hours).
• Weight 40gr + 20gr pouch

•Dimensions: 185 x 80 x 12 mm


NOTE : A slightly longer delivery time than usual (4 to 8 working days) is required for this product which we do not keep in stock due to expiry problems.