Distress Flash Lamp automatic or Manual SOLAS (replacement) Expand

Distress Flash Lamp automatic or Manual SOLAS (replacement)


Replacement LED flash light for Pilot Advantage or Pilot Crew lifejacket with manual and automatic activation with a light intensity of 4.5 candela and a minimum of 50 flashes/minute and a minimum battery life of 8 hours.

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Distress Flash Lamp automatic or Manual SOLAS (replacement)

This LED flash lamp with manual and automatic water contact triggering, has a light intensity of 4.5 candela and a minimum of 51 flashes/minute and a minimum of 8 hours autonomy. It is used to replace the SOLAS Flash Lamp included in the Pilot Advantage or Pilot Crew life jackets made especially for Aerodiscount.


LED flash lamp, with manual and automatic triggering on contact with water.

Alkaline battery (5 year life time) : no restrictions on commercial transport.
Light intensity: 4.5 candela minimum, 50 flashes/minute, duration 0,31 seconds. .
Easy to test by simply pressing the switch button.
Autonomy: 8 hours minimum.

Weight 67 gr

Dimensions: H 16 x W 85 x W 42mm (H 25 mm with dome)

SOLAS approved

NOTE : A slightly longer delivery time than usual (4 to 8 working days) is required for this product which we do not keep in stock due to expiry problems.

Reminder of the legislation of 15/04/08: for any boat sailing between 300m and 2 nautical miles from a shelter, a means of light location is mandatory with a radiation over 360 degrees visible up to at least 1/2 mile in clear weather, not to be confused with a mark of ship or markings, resistant to oil and the marine environment,

The equipment must be SOLAS approved

By deduction, any aircraft with passengers flying beyond 300m and even more so beyond 2 nautical miles from a shelter must comply with this legislation.

When you renew this lamp after 5 years, you'll find that it still works, as it can be switched on and off, rather than put it straight into battery recycling because of the Lithium battery, give it to a drone pilot, who will find it useful for marking out danger zones. Put it in the glove compartment of your car in the event of an accident or breakdown, and carry it with you as a signal.

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