Cover Protection for Radios REXON RHP-530 and compatible Expand

Cover Protection for Radios REXON RHP-530 and compatible


Vertical Soft Bag to protect and store a 406 PLB beacon - This cover is attached to a belt or a lifejacket. This cover is compatible with different beacon models and other brands but also for other uses and devices to be carried close to the body.

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The protective nylon cover is made of soft fabric, hence its name Soft Pocket, it is compatible with different 406 beacons or other devices, it is sold to carry a 406 beacon close to you but can also be used for any other type of device.

Its size makes it compact, it is intended for the 406 beacons sold on the aerodiscount site but is also suitable for other models, other uses or the transport of other devices an arva (avalanche research device for example) (check the size of the device or beacon), easy to use it will guarantee a good protection.

Today, manual portable PLB beacons are getting smaller and smaller, in case of an accident in a panic they become difficult to find. This pocket allows you to keep it close to your body, in solidarity without creating any discomfort.

Be careful, it is not designed to allow the device it contains to drop.

Covering, it adequately protects the device from scratches and dirt. This cover is partially waterproof and is a protective accessory to make it easier for you to find and use the device.

    Vertical pocket cover 17 x 10 cm (H x Width)
    Velcro flap
    Material: NYLON