Reduced price! PILOT HEADSET "Classic Confort" Aerodiscount Flex DOUBLE GEL EARSEAL Expand

PILOT HEADSET "Classic Confort" Aerodiscount Flex DOUBLE GEL EARSEAL


Passive aviation headset "Classic" with flexible boom (known as FLEX) and GEL EAR SEAL for your COMFORT. A very high attenuation for a passive headset. As for the price, the CHEAPEST on the market for this type of headset quality 119€. Chosen by more than 25% of the pilots who buy a passive headset for themselve.

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122,00 €

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168,00 € tax incl.

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  • This first price Passive Headset is the perfect choice for the pilot, the club or the school who needs a low cost, light and strong product but also very confortable. This headset is easy to operate and comfortable to wear. It features Stereo/Mono and volume control, high performance speakers for clear, natural sounds, and a convenient deluxe adjustable flexible microphone boom with noise canceling Electret Microphone.

If you choose to purchase this headset, we recommend you to purchase the padded bag at the same time to ensure optimal conservation and protection. Think about it when you place your order

Link to the padded bag  Sacoche matelassee de casque


  • Bright-chrome all metal frame
  • A ribbed foam head pad and metal adjustable chrome head band (adult and child)
  • Mat black domes with GEL ear seals
  • Mono/Stereo on one ear and volume control on the other
  • Deluxe adjustable flexible mike boom with mike muff
  • Noise cancelling electret microphone
  • Gold plated communication cable plugs for better contact resulting in noise free audio

NOTE: Some Series depending on our supply may have a screw clamp instead of a screw clamp (see photos)


    • NR Rating : -27 db
    • Total weight : 509 grams
    • Plug PJ-055 and PJ-068 068 (ergonomic and rigid anti-tiredness ends)
    • Frequency response : 20-17.000 Hz
    • Speakers : Impedance 150 Ohm/mono 300 Ohm/stereo
    • Frequency sensitivity : 101 db
    • Microphone: frequency response 300-8000 Hz
    • Rotation of the boom : 320 ° (Use in right or left seat)
    • Source resistance : 220-2200 Ohm
      (Technical manufacturer data)

  • NOTE: If you can only hear from one earpiece, the one that carries the microphone boom, there is no need to contact the site and say "the headset does not work, I am returning it". Or to return it without having asked for authorization, I will charge you for a return and an after-sales service intervention.

    If you encounter this situation, it is because you touched the potentiate-meter of the headset WITHOUT boom and that this one was placed in position STEREO.

    The potentiate-meter should not have a stroke of adjustment which is used for the volume but to be in position MONO closed switch and you must hear a CLICK of closing of this one and to leave it thus 92 % of the apparatuses in France have installations MONO.

    It is reminded that the microphones in our general conditions of sale are guaranteed only 3 months.

  • - A point of detail but which makes a difference compared to the helmets which are similar. This helmet has a wheel of tightening of pole instead of a system of friction, adjustable only by dismounting and by opening the auricle to be able to tighten it of the interior. This system of wheel presents another advantage the pole is repairable in the case or you or one of your passenger not trained with the use of this one (rocking of bottom in top and reversely and not by spreading it horizontally) the breakage on the level of the base. There is no need to buy and change the pole completely with the difficulties of disassembly and welding to be redone.
    This point is to be taken into consideration for the durability of the helmet, especially in aeroclubs where pole breakage can be frequent.
    Contact us to know how to repair this pole at a lower cost.