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Full-Spectrum ® II ANR AVIATION HEADSET - Aerodiscount


ANR AVIATION PILOT HEADSET (Active Noise Reduction) 298€ Full Spectrum II. A pilot ANR headset at a reasonable price! Have you looked elsewhere, and what have you found at that price ... ANR Technology combines comfort with a high quality to let you experience an unmatched pleasure flight. All the comfort you are entitled to have and that you waited for. The ANR of the Full-Spectrum II is rather focused on lower frequnencies corresponding more to old un-reducted engines.

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298,00 €

tax incl.

358,00 € tax incl.

-60,00 €


(Active Noise Reduction - Active Noise Cancelation) 


Did you look elsewhere? You've seen the price, and you fell ...

Normal response : You said, it's not for me, it's too expensive,

And yet ANR technology (Active Noise Reduction) is a real comfort.

Indeed, it combines wearing and listening comfort with a high manufacturing quality to let you experience an unmatched pleasure flight.

All the comfort you are entitled to have and that you waited for so long without being able to offer it to you.

You're going to try it and you will not go back.

Don't look elsewhere!

  Aerodiscount offers it to you at a WORLD CHALLENGE PRICE.

The price of a simple passive headset branded.

You will hear and feel the difference immediately. When the ANR is switched on, the noise cancellation improves by 17-23 dB depending on the frequency. Jumping from 23 to ≈ 40dB.

A TOTAL attenuation of 31 db to 45 db depending on the frequency.

If you choose to purchase this headset, we recommend you to purchase the padded bag at the same time to ensure optimal conservation and protection. Think about it when you place your order

Link to the padded bag  Sacoche matelassee de casque

  • Full chrome frame
  • Trim hoop ribbed with foam Super-soft foam and adjustable (fit for adults and children).
  • Headset earcup with thin membrane and Proteine Leather Earseal with memory foam cushion for more comfort.
  • Green Aviation color, resistant to shock and vibration tested and reliable.
  • Exclusive Microphone boom MONO HAND, adjustable (3 screws) for precise positioning of the microphone.
  • The electret microphone with noise cancellation provides clear transmission and improved separation with environmental noise.
  • The microphone windscreen protects the noise canceling electret mic from moisture and wind noise or breath and provides clearer transmissions.
  • Manufacture and built to last, composed of metal parts where it is needed most.
  • The volume knob lets you choose your comfortable listening level.

The Battery box has been changed from a 9v battery to 2 batteries baton AA LR6 1.5v, with the same autonomy.


  • Rating NR Passive Attenuation: -23 dB
  • Rating ANR Active Attenuation up to 45 db

Attenuation :

- 36 dB à 500 Hz

- 45 dB à 1000 Hz

- 42 dB à 2000 Hz

- 34 dB à 4000 Hz

- 31 dB à 8000 Hz.

  • Rotation of the boom microphone: 320 ° (use up Right or Left) (be careful with the mike wire)
NOTE: This headset can be used with a hearing aid. It does not create larsen feedback.
ANR system: (For more technical description look at the french version)
  • 2 AA (LR 6) batteries are not included) square type, (OLD VERSION OF THE FULL-SPECTRUM II with a 9v battery) .

It is recalled that the microphones in our terms and conditions are guaranteed only 3 months.