Reduced price! ANR LIGHT CLEAR SPECTRAL Plane HEADSET Bluetooth MP3 Protein Leather Earseals Expand

ANR LIGHT CLEAR SPECTRAL ® Plane HEADSET Bluetooth MP3 Protein Leather Earseals


ANR AVIATION PILOT HEADSET (Active Noise Reduction) 549€ LIGHT CLEAR SPECTRAL BT Protein Leather Earseals and Carbon Earcup. A High grade lighter pilot headset (370gr alone) at a very affordable price! ANR Technology associated to Bluetooth and MP3 combines technology performance and comfort with an ultra performing attenuation. A high quality product that compete with high end branded products but at more than half the price. You will experience an unmatched pleasure of flight. You waited for it at that price. A good opportunity to change your headset.

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549,00 €

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739,00 € tax incl.

-190,00 €


(Active Noise Reduction - Active Noise Cancellation) 



Aerodiscount has been importing it for more than two years already, we have tested it for you before. Some customers had the chance to try it and buy it at the last ULM show in Blois. It has proven itself and has given satisfaction.

IIf you choose to buy this headset, it is recommended that you buy the padded bag at the same time to ensure optimal preservation and protection.

Think about it placing your order. Sacoche matelassee de casque


  We offer THIS TECHNICAL HEADSET at an incredible price ...

You know the quality that aerodiscount provided since the early 2000s in aeronautical products and headsets!

You've had a taste of ANR (Active Noise Reduction) technology and now you can't go back, but you want even MORE.

MORE wearing and listening comfort.

You reproached the weight of the headset of classic design with closed earpieces, the designers of the Headset for Airplane LIGHT CLEAR SPECTRAL went to seek the weight in the shells.

The ear shells are now made of carbon, a gain of 25 grams, as in aviation, weight savings are sought everywhere.

As for the ear cups, they are made of LEATHER PROTEIN with memory foam (like pillows and mattresses). There too a slight gain of weight and they offer a very satisfactory reduction of passive noise and a great comfort. The electronics of the ANR is of new generation, it is a dynamic ANR, it deals with the noises on the whole spectrum, an irreproachable audio clearness and a comfort without precedent.

Compared to the Full Spectrum II or III (old version and new version called -N) this model gives during its tests in different machines a result comparable to more popular brands and often quoted in reference, offering the same technology and according to the type of ear and hearing a result is better than that of the Full Spectrum. You will not be disappointed.

In use, the ANR demonstrates its efficiency.

  •   The electronics are extremely powerful and work with AA LR6 batteries. Compared to the Full-Spectrum versions, which is dynamic it is not the same processor and ANR technology. There is thus a significant difference on this side the, accentuated by the resonance of the shells carbon which influences the internal perception of the noise in the auricle by the ANR. The ANR in all cases will adapt to the environment.

  The name Light Clear Spectral corresponds to the characteristics of this headset Light, Clear with a Spectrum of attenuation always very broad .... and now dynamic

  •  On the innovative side:

  1 - Bluetooth allows you to pair any device running on this technology. GPS, tablet which allows you to hear the alerts directly in the headphones. If you connect your phone you can have phone conversations in flight even if it is not very safe.

  2 - For long trips... an auxiliary audio input called MP3 on the satellite allows you to connect a phone or a music source thanks to the double 3.5 jack cable provided.

When we say MP3 input, it is a sound input, whatever the connected device... (MP3, CD player, Phone, GPS...)

  • ATTENTION: the MP3 input does not have voice activation. This means that you will have to manually and voluntarily turn down or stop the sound to be able to listen or talk with your passengers or the outside world.

  • The new Protein Leather earpieces suppress the effect of perspiration, they offer an excellent comfort. This type of earpiece also eliminates the fragility of the membrane and therefore the risk of gel breakage, especially if the headset has been left in the sun for a long time.

It is always possible to replace the Protein Gel earpieces by Double Gel earpieces as the products delivered in their previous version. The unconditional ones of the earrings gel considering that the DOUBLE thickness improves the sealing (follow DOUBLE GEL EARPIECES to order at the same time as the product).

  • Very soft to the touch and pleasant with the skin contact, the envelope of the Protein Gel ear-seal will really limit perspiration and it is less fragile, it is its big advantage, (Let us note all the time that it is also about an effect of mode that the aviation headsets and of HIFI of Top of the Range mark impose). T
  • he wearers of glasses because of their flexibility and their thickness will have a good sealing but nevertheles a less good one than compared to the use of Double Gel earpieces.
  • The LIGHT CLEAR SPECTRAL is delivered with a basic MP3 cord.

A single-handed full-wire boom with clamping screw maintains the high-end standard of ease of use and optimal microphone positioning.

Comfort, multiple options, Bluetooth, high quality standard, competitive price...

Once you try it, you will be convinced.



A COMPLETELY DISCOUNTABLE price compared to a comparable HEADSET.

Lightweight, Comfort and Technology, right away you will appreciate it. As on the FULL SPECTRUMs when you turn on the ANR you have comfortable isolation and noise cancellation jumps by a complementary 17-25 dB depending on the frequency of 24 passive you have an attenuation of ≈ 41dB.

(The attenuation in Db being exponential 1 db at this level, is a really sensible performance. As an analogy to understand, doubling a layer of insulation in a house does not double the insulation obtained).

31 db to 46 db of attenuation in TOTAL depending on the frequency.

* To activate the ANR system you need to put two LR6 batteries (AA stick type),No need to connect your headset to the radio system to check the ANR.


  • In addition to Bluetooth, a 3.5 female jack for sound input, called MP3 jack, is located on the side of the satellite between the jacks and the headphones

The explanatory notes on this page serve as instructions for use because nothing is complicated and everything is intuitive.

1 Satellite box on the cable: As shown Insert two stick batteries LR6 - AA of 1.5 v (slide the flap of the battery holder box, look at the springs in the box, the flat bottom of the battery press on the spring, close the box after placing the 2 batteries. Connect your headset to an intercom or to the direct plug of your radio, turn on the radio or the intercom, the headset works in ANR.



  •  To turn on the ANR satellite press the POWER BUTTON the POWER LED will light up
  •  To pair press the Bluetooth BUTTON search for the device you wish to pair with and tell your device that you accept the pairing (follow the procedure according to your device brand)
  •  The MONO or STEREO button is located inside the battery compartment in most cases in France devices and radio system assemblies are in MONO you will not need to change the position.
  •  The adjustment of the volume of the earpieces is done with the side wheels on the right for the right earpiece and on the left for the left earpiece.
  •  The Bluetooth is adjusted with the two small buttons on the right side of the satellite at the level of the Bluetooth Phone button.

TO BE REMEMBERED FOR POSITION A - B - C that you can choose on the Satellite:

MODES A: RADIO PRIORITY by managing the INTERCOM - The sound of the music and telephone communications in progress will be reduced when the RADIO generates an input signal or when a passenger via the intercom is talking.

This is called the RADIO SUPERPRIORITY mode.

MODE B: INTERCOM - BLUETOOTH and AUXILIARY - The 3 Channels are open and can overlap without priority with the RADIO.

MODE C : INTERCOM works only the BLUETOOTH and AUXILIARY are inactive and cut.

In all cases the RADIO can intervene in the flow.

That's it, it's not very complicated.

The ANR Technology (Active Noise Reduction) is a comfort which when tasted, does not allow to go back.

Indeed, it is combined with wearing comfort and listening at the highest level. The PROTEINE LEATHER earseals with memory foam offer an extraordinary comfort in passive version and electronic ANR handles noise across the "full spectrum", a clear audio quality and unprecedented comfort.

Compared to the Full Spectrum II (former version for those who tested it) this model gives the impression of being less spectacular but it is nevertheless effective and you will ear the difference unlike the old version of the FULL Spectrum III. You will not be disappointed.

The use of the ANR proves its discreet effectiveness.

The new PROTEIN LEATHER with memory foam cushion do not impact sealing which was already very good with the gel earseals on the Full-Spectrum II and previous Full Spectrum III, but also improves the comfort of tightening and offer an excellent comfort suppressing the effect of perspiration, the fragility of the membrene and therefore the risk of percing the gel esspecially after exposure to the sun is eliminated.

  • It is always possible to replace the Protein Gel earseals with Double Gel Earseals as were the products delivered in their previous version. The fans of the Gel Earseal confort generally consider that the DOUBLE thickness improves the sealing (follow this LINK to order at the same time as the product).

The ANR will adapt to the environment.
The name Full-Spectrum is maintained because the spectrum of attenuation is always very wide .... and now dynamic

Innovation for long travel ... MP3 input an auxiliary audio input say MP3 on the headset.

When you say MP3 input, this is a sound input, whatever the device connected ... (MP3, CD player, Phone, GPS ...)

The envelope of the Proteine Leather is very soft and pleasant to the touch, it will really limit sweating and is less fragile. It is a big advantage (beside being a fashionable effect by very high end Headsets brand and the Hi-Fi world) Note as it is soft and thick enough, the glasses wearers are not penalized compared to the use of Double Gel Earseals.

The ANR electronics is still as effective and ls battery-consuming. Compared to the previous version of the Full-Spectrum III which was centered more on the treble (medium frequencies : modern motors and devices associated) it is now dynamic, so more cornelian choice between the Full Spectrum II and III .... The ANR will adapt We still kept the name "Full-Spectrum" because the spectrum attenuation is still very wide.... This headset is more adapted to new engine noise.

2 Jacks : - 1 Jacks PJ-055 and 1 Jack PJ-068, (the microphone jack is separeted from the listening one (this is the normal civil aviation private airplane configuration)

And a little innovation for long trips... an auxiliary audio input MP3 is available on the ANR box of the headset.

When we say MP3 input, it is in fact a sound input, regardless of the device connected ...   (MP3, CD player, Telephone, GPS...)
NOTICE : MP3 input has no voice activation. This means that you will be obliged to voluntarily reduce or manually shutdown the broadcast sound for listening or talking with passengers or outdoors.

On this headset, we have maintained the one hand wire mike boom, with its very easy to use single-hand tightening by screw; allowing you to position properly the microphone optimally.
Works with 2 AA Batteries.
Comfort, multi-options, high quality, more accurate price ...

You're going to try it and convince yourself right away

without us having to deploy other arguments.
You wanted an efficient and affordable ANR Headset !
Here it is.

If you choose to purchase this headset, we recommend you to purchase the padded bag at the same time to ensure optimal conservation and protection. Think about it when you place your order

Link to the padded bag  Sacoche matelassee de casque


  • PNR Noise Reduction Ratings(NRR):24dB
  • ANR Noise Reduction Ratings(NRR):17 -27dB


  • Type: Dynamic (Φ30)
  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 95±5 dB SPL
  • (1 kHz, 1 mW input per earcup side)
  • full volume on ear simulator
  • Active Noise Attenuation:
  • Dynamic 42 ohms:
  • Rate Input: 30mW Max. Input: 100mW

Speech Sound:

  • Dynamic 300 ohms:
  • Rate Input: 30mW Max. Input: 100mW

Microphone and Amplifier:

  • Element Type: Noise-canceling electret
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz to 5 kHz
  • Operating Voltage (supplied by aircraft): 8-32 Volts DC
  • Matching Impedance: 150-1000 ohms
  • Sensitivity: -33±4 dB (Ref: 0dB SPL=20.0uPa at 1 kHz
  • with 10 Vdc 150 ohms AC load)


  • Temperature: Operating: - 20 to 70°C
  • Cordage: Straight cord from headset to molded plug, 150CM

Intercom Connections:

  • Earphone Plug: PJ-055 (.25” 6.3Φ phone plug)
  • Microphone Plug: PJ-068 (.206” 5.2Φ phone plug)
  • Weight: 600g (Headset satellite with batteries) headset only : 370 gr

ANR Noise Reduction Specifications:

  • Attenuation Frequency Band ….…….20Hz~20 KHz
  • Main Attenuation Frequency Band ….20Hz~600Hz
  • Attenuation Capability…….… ……..29dB
  • Power Consumption ……. ………...30 mW
  • Headset size range Height: 10 to 14 cm
  • Color: Aviation Green
  • Boom: Mono Hand Boom

( Technical Dat from manufacturer)

It is recalled that the microphones in our terms and conditions are guaranteed only 3 months.