AUDITIVE PROTECTIONS : Ear-Plugs ULTRAFIT with cord and case Expand

AUDITIVE PROTECTIONS : Ear-Plugs ULTRAFIT with cord and case



Ear plugs CE - Norme EN352-2 - Ear plugs with cord and case for protection and multi usage.

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Ear plugs CE - Norm EN352-2


Reusable earplugs are supplied with a cord. They are designed to be placed in the external ear canal to reduce exposure to hazardous noise. (Given for a 32dB attenuation.)


  • Provided with three flanges for a better positioning and maintenance of the ear plug in the auditory canal
  • More comfort and a greater safety
  • Ultra-soft Materials for more comfort
  • Equipped with a new stem allowing a easier insertion
  • Their carrying case is equipped with a belt clip for maintenance and  makes possible to the ear plugs preserve easily and properly between each use
  • The polyester cord of the ear plugs prevents the loss of them and guarantees an availability of the product at any moment
  • Sold by one piece

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