Raincoat with sleeves and hood - Wind breaker Pocket Format Expand

Raincoat with sleeves and hood - Wind breaker Pocket Format


Raincoat with sleeves and HOOD - WINDBREAKER - Pocket Format. Lightweight and slightly larger than a cigarette pack you will find it everywhere and you will use it in multiple occasions and situations.

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RAincoat with sleeves and hood - windbreaker pocket size.



Lightweight and slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes when folded. This raincoat will not clutter your flight bag or your trunk. You will be happy to find it the day the rain will surprise you, as it was discreet until then, .
Easily foldable, this coat and wind shield is reusable unlike some products found elsewhere that are single use.

It will also follow you in all your out-goings and walks. (should you not forget to take it ...)

Large enough, you'll have no trouble to quickly put it on over your clothes.

It may even cover your backpack if you have one. Its sleeves will let you a complete freedom of  movement and this is not a poncho.

Its use is really multiple, a football game, a concert, a simple walk outside, a wheel change and presto! never caught off guard and you will stay dry. But you can also use it as a tarp to cover a motor hood open or a canopy and so on...

More practical and less bulky than an umbrella, it fits flat in a pocket.
In a plane, we all know that the mass is a point to watch and luggage compartment volume is neither scalable nor significant albeit like some can thought...

We can offer you a service mark for your flying club, your business.
Contact us for quantity prices and the cost of marking.
We will consider :


500 pieces 1000 pieces 2500 pieces 5000 pieces


  •      Resistant thin plastic 
  •      Hood
  •      Universal size
  •      3 snaps on the front allow you to close it
  •      Foldable it comes in bag
  •      Colour: Transparent
  •      Length: 120 cm
  •      Folded Dimensions: 10 x 13 x 3 cm cover
  •      Weight: 54 g