Reduced price! KLIPPER Aviation Mike for BOSE® ANR QC-25 Quiet Confort® Headset Expand

KLIPPER Mike Aviation Mike for ANR Consumer Headset (Bose® QC-25 Sony® MDR 1000X etc)


KLIPPER® MIKE aviation microphone suit for BOSE® QC25, QC35 ANR Headsets but can also be used with any other headset with a large headband and a detachable cord. You transform the headset in an aviation standard headset for a cheap price compare to a Bose® A20 for example.

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199,00 €

tax incl.

258,00 € tax incl.

-59,00 €

KLIPPER® MIKE 1 A MICROPHONE TO BE ADDED TO AN ANR Headset like A BOSE® QC 25 or QC 35 or A SONY MDR 100X or a PARROT ZIK 2.0 a BeyerDYNAMIC LAgoon ANc Traveller or any other large headband headset with a detachable cord to put it at a GENERAL Aviation STANDARD .


You wanted a brand headset and you use an headset SONY® BOSE®, PARROT® SENHEISER®, JBL®, AUDIO-TECHNICA, DENON® etc... Headset in your day to day music listening, you want to go piloting with it but at a cheap price? Here is the solution the KLIPPER Mike. So this is an improvement and a new advantage for your headset, you keep the pleasure of the ANR Headset in your day to day life by just removing easily the KlLIPPER® mike until you go to the airfield again.

We will  not sell you the SONY or the BOSE® PARROT JBL AUDIO-TECHNICA or DENON Headset or any other brand..., you will have to buy it in the shop next door or most probably on the net as it becomes the new buying channel. We would like to be able to sell to you some of these and tried to but we are not authorized by BOSE® which is the most well known of these brand in the field of aeronautics with their A20, to sell their products because we will sell it to you at a discount price, and that because they impose a public price to their resellers (in contradiction with European laws), so you will have to buy it on your own, elsewhere on an online shop. For example the QC-25 product sells for 199€ and 269 à 322€ pour le SONY® .

To take an example and to take an headset at a reasonable price

So you will have a Bose ANR headset associated with our Klipper to be able to use it in a plane and at an aviation standard for :

            BOSE ® QC25  199€ (approved dealers price) + Aerodiscount KLIPPER ® 199€ = 398 €


KLIPPER® MIKE aviation headset suit for BOSE® QC25, QC35,  SONY® MDR 1000X but can also be used with any other headset of your choice with a large headband and a detachable cord

This is our innovative product

Simple use, just attach this microphone to your day to day headset whichever Sony MDR 100X, Bose® QC25/35, Parrot ZIK 2.0 or any other headphones
to transform it into an active noise canceling Aviation Headset. This combination is much cheaper than buying the leading ANR headsets and is just as good but much lighter in weight and more comfortable for long time wearing.

Note: KLIPPER® MIKE right now is only with 2.5mm plugs for headphone but an adapter 3,5mm is supplied.

(Fits headphones with 2.5 mm jack)

KLIPPER MIKE has and AUX jack and Link cable that allows you to inject and enjoy music and communication together

How to attached this microphone to Bose® QC25 

1) use 3M® velcro see the picture

2) use releasable NYLON CABLE TIE

After these 2 steps then KLIPPER
® MIKE come together with Bose® QC25 


We are not affiliated with Sony, Sennheiser® or Bose and 3M Parrot JBL etc...  Sony® BOSE® Sennheiser® Parrot etc... are deposited trade marks.

Features of the KLIPPER® MIKE

Main Features:

1. Super light only 130g for microphone cable harness itself

2. Easy to use just need attach it to your ANC headphone (2.5mm jack)

3. Use 3M Velcro and nylon cable tie together for the attachments

4. Amplified electret noise canceling microphone for clear communication

5. With AUX jack and Link cable together so while can enjoy music and communication together

6. Dual volume controls on the control box 

7. With Mono/Stereo switch 

 8. Still can work as PNR headset when power is off 

(Technical manufacturer data)


It is recalled that the microphones in our terms and conditions are guaranteed only 3 months.