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VELCRO Thigh Clipboard System for IPAD 2 et 3


VELCRO system of strap and shell for IPad, to use the APPLE IPad in a sitting position allowing portrait or landscape use and as simple as a standard flight board.

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REPLACE by our Velcro strap and buckle pad. TherE ARE TOO MANY DIFFERENT CASES (IPAD I , II , III, mini IPad, SAMSUNG, ACER, SONY, ASUS, Lenovo,...etc...) So you buy the Case for your tablet and you made your own system with the kit.











IPAD used as a flight board on your thigh, in a complete safety thanks to an Ultra simple VELCRO harness system.






This support is designed with simplicity in order to use the iPad in any position (portrait and landscape) and safely as flight board on your thigh.

It's true Velcro that was used to ensure hundreds of scratching and unscratching, unlike scratches of lower quality. The whole thing is extremely lightweight and nothing hides part of the screen.

The system consists of:

  • A wide double-sided strap that is fixed around the thigh. The loop portion (hook side) remains on top.
  • A shell is adapted to the model of IPAD (1 or 2 and 3), the back of this shell is glued a large VELCRO square (hooks part). This allows the positioning of the iPad in all positions.
  • Only for Model for IPad 2 and 3: a simple strip of VELCRO loop (soft) is provided to set other items on the belt (pencil, the headphone cable, etc ...)


The pilot has all his freedom for piloting and can easily use the IPad in portrait or landscape.

The double face VELCRO thigh strap is great, its length allows you to be placed around any thigh. Its width makes hooking easy and allows a contact surface to ensure the safety of a perfect outfit.

Your IPad will be positioned comfortably on your thigh. To position it or remove it remains a breeze and can be done with one hand.

Other systems, offers a more complex system to rid out of the plane. With our system you just have to unscratch the shell of the IPad with the IPad clipped inside. You can store it as it is in your flight bag or in his proper bag.

detach it from the strap is extremely fast. You will only keep the strap to your thigh without felling it.
You can walk with the strap to your thigh.

Clip the IPad in its shell is also extremely simple, just as removing it when the flight is completed.

The access to the connection ports of the iPad stays free and easy. Useful for keeping the charge of device in the aircraft during the flight.

You quickly will find that this IPad board sytem can be used in other situation than in an aircraft for which it is sold. Any sitting situation where you will need your unseparable tablet : office, car, amphitheater, meeting room and conference transportation... will be an excuse to use it.



NOTA : The IPad is not supplied (sorry)