Outlet Adapter Transformer 220v / 12v female cigarette lighter socket Expand

Outlet Adapter Transformer 220v / 12v female cigarette lighter socket


Outlet Adapter Transformer 220-240V / cigar lighter socket female 12v
This handy adapter allows you to connect any device with a power cable Cigarette lighter on a normal socket. It is compatible with any GPS charger - Telephone - PSP - PDA - iPod - MP3 - DVD player - Tablet ..

Outlet Adapter Transformer 220v / 12v female cigarette lighter socket

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Outlet Adapter transformer 220v / 12V Cigarette lighter female socket




Use and recharge your 12V devices at home, at the office or hotel!

This is a very handy adapter.

You will now be able to connect all your devices using a power cable with cigarette lighter socket (12 V) to a conventional AC power outlet 220 V.

No need to have two cables to carry. Or just for safety in your flight bag. Who never forgot the charger cable?

 This transformer converts voltages 220-240 V into 12 V, convenient and easy to use, it allows you to load and use your camera, your GPS without handicapping their autonomy.

To prepare in advance your navigation on your GPS without pulling the charging reserve of the unit and allowing it to recharge it at the same time, this is security.

You will be going on with your equipment, taking it to charge with their travel cable and this adapter, and leaving them plugged during the night in your hotel room.

You will not be forced to leave your appliances in your airplane or your car,  so they can be recharged and usable on your return! Safety again everything is with you, no theft risk.

No sollicitation any longer on your vehicle battery while you stop.

This little converter - transformer produces a charging current of 12 V / 1 A, you will then be able to use fast charging cables.



  •      Lightweight and suitable for travel, but also suitable at your home.
  •      Compact, no cable storage.
  •      Functioning and loading indicated by a red LED
  •      Input voltage: V 220V/230
  •      Output voltage: 12 V DC, 1000 mA maximum load
  •      Dimensions: 94 x 49 x 39 cm
  •      Weight alone: 82 g