New Pair of 5-Finger Flame-Retardant Long Gloves Universal Size Heat Resistant up to 500°C Expand

Pair of 5-Finger Flame-Retardant Long Gloves Universal Size Heat Resistant up to 500°C


  • These flame-retardant gloves with cuff are specially designed to protect you when handling hot to very hot parts, or activities that expose you to high heat.
    These flame-retardant gloves with cuff are made entirely of seamless aramid. They are now mandatory for aircraft flying under NCC Annex VI, but are an essential precaution if you're taking your cell phone, tablet or lithium-battery-powered GPS with you. For drone pilots they are highly recommended.
    Affordably priced, you choose safety without sacrificing your budget!

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These heat-resistant technical gloves are part of Aerodiscount's product range, as they are now indispensable in the cockpit and compulsory for aircraft flying under NCC Part Annex VI (AIR OPS Part-NCC: Operation of complex-powered aircraft for non-commercial purposes). They are used to handle devices with lithium batteries when they pack up, and can reach very high temperatures if they explode, emitting toxic fumes. They therefore need to be contained, and aerodiscount offers you several containment and transport products
Fireproof pouches and metal ammunition boxes.

Ideal for grabbing a hot or burning part (for a very short time) such as lithium batteries, but also for cooking and barbecues, work around the house - changing light bulbs or even lighting a fire - and mechanical repairs on hot parts, engine cylinders, cooling radiators (be careful, they're not liquid-tight) or exhaust pipes, for example.

  • HIGH QUALITY : 5-finger anti-heat gloves are made from high-quality, seamless woven aramid. These gloves are 100% aramid on the inside, and have 2 impregnations of flame-retardant treatment on the outside to protect against heat up to 500°, which is proportionally higher than other commercially IPE (Individual Protection Equipment) available products.
  • COMFORTABLE : Their stretch construction makes them universally suitable for both men's and women's hands, and they're quick and easy to put on and take off, whether you're left- or right-handed, because they're ambidextrous. They fit snugly in your hand and protect against pinching.

Their long cuff, a rarely-seen option, makes your forearms safer from burns, regardless of whether you're wearing long or short sleeves. The elastic band at the end of the cuff holds the glove in place on your forearms or on the textiles you're wearing. These gloves won't fall off your hands.
In the cuff is a small martingale on each glove, so you can hang them up to keep them visible, for example.

  • RESISTANT : washable (at 40°C) and reusable, they are highly resistant to wear and tear..

  • FLEXIBLE with SUPER GRIP : The five-finger design of these knitted gloves gives you more flexibility and better tactile preemption when holding a hot or burning object than mittens or single-finger mittens.
    ATTENTION : even if they resist 500°, the holding time is not infinite and remains proportional to the temperature of the product gripped.
    The fine-weave aramid outer layer enhances anti-slip capacity and therefore grip by preventing slipping and increasing friction on smooth surfaces.
    Ideal for handling requiring HEAT PROTECTION and FLAME RESISTANCE. They can withstand temperatures of up to 500°.
    Of course, they can be used for anything other than aircraft cockpits, where lithium batteries can be impaled. But in aeronautics, they can be used on hot mechanical components such as exhaust pipes, engine blocks, radiators, etc.

Certified EN388 : 244XX - EN407: 43XXXX

ATTENTION : As these gloves are washable, all flame-retardant garments must be re-impregnated every 5 washes!

They can also be used for cooking, boiling, frying, grilling and BBQ barbecues, handling oven grills and fireplaces, and as welder's gloves.

These gloves protect against heat, cuts and abrasion.

The 7 gauge knit is an excellent compromise between thermal resistance and dexterity, absorbing shocks and also suitable for heavy handling, providing protection against cuts. The knitting technique offers a supple glove despite its thickness close to the hand, ensuring good dexterity.

  • SAFETY :

The length of the knitted cuff, continuous with the hand without seams or material changes, provides extra protection for the forearms.

What is aramid?

Aramid is a fancy word for generic, unbranded products. The word "aramid" comes from the contraction of aromatic polyamide.

Aramids are a class of heat-resistant materials known as thermostable (*) and/or with good mechanical properties. They can only be used as fibers. The fabrics obtained by weaving them more or less tightly are used, for example, to make the inner layer of protective clothing for firefighters. Its excellent thermal conductivity enables heat to be dissipated efficiently over the surface of the garment, preventing it from concentrating on a given point, thus reducing the risk of burns.

* Thermostable means stable at high temperatures. It is used to designate a material or molecule that does not degrade at a given temperature, whereas at the same temperature, similar materials or molecules are denatured or destroyed (they are then said to be thermolabile).

- Kevlar is a para-aramid with high mechanical but not thermal properties.

- Du Pont's Nomex and Akzo / Teijin's less connected Twaron are aramids designed for heat and fire resistance.

Mechanical properties

Lightweight, good mechanical properties in traction and good resistance to impact and abrasion, fire (low combustibility) and heat (these gloves do not melt), organic solvents (e.g. fuels).
Poor compressive strength, difficult to cut (shear strength) or machine, high moisture absorption, sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, high price.


Item weight: 230 g

Glove dimensions

Overall length-width 32 x 16 cm (length up to 37 cm when extended)

Cuff 11 x 12 cm;

Aramid fabric thickness 5.1 mm

Resistance up to 500° C (932° F) Level 4

Glove length: 32 cm

Dexterity: Class 3

Gauge : 10

PPE EU Category: 2


 EN 407 - Heat and/or fire :

Behavior and/or fire: 4

Resistance to contact heat: 3

Resistance to convective heat: X

Resistance to radiant heat : X

Resistance to small metal splashes: X

Resistance to molten metal splashes :

EN 388 - Abrasion resistance to mechanical hazards:

Abrasion resistance: 2

Cut resistance (cut test): 5

Tear resistance: 4

Puncture resistance : X

EN 420-03 : General requirements

CE category: II Intermediate risks


Heat resistance : Very good
Flame resistance : Very good

Comfort : Fair

NOTE : 15-day return policy is problematic as we don't know what the product has been used for.