Unused Damp-proof Ammunition Box to load LI-Po Batteries Expand

Unused Damp-proof Ammunition Box to load LI-Po Batteries


New Waterproof Ammunition Metal Box for transporting, storing and safely charging LI-Po Batteries

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Unused Damp-proof Ammunition Box to load LI-Po Batteries AND FOR SECURITY STORAGE


A Brand New stamped metal crate used for transportation and tight storage of ammunition. It can also be used to store and protect drones LI-Po batteries from shock and moisture, and to charge highly explosive LI-Po batteries safely.

This is the essential safety accessory for the drone pilot using non-intelligent batteries that do not have an integrated electronic controller like those of the DJI series Phantom or Mavic drone for example


- Ammunition box

We have found new and unmarked ammunition boxes for you.

The size is exactly the same as that of American M2A1 ammunition cases for  ammunition. cal 50. The iron stamped ammunition box is fully sealed when locked closed by its lever system. It is suitable for storing LI-Po (Lithium Polymer) batteries. It can also be used to protect any type of electronic device or papers and files in a tight environment.
To avoid shocks of the products contained, it will be necessary to fill it with foam according to the shapes and volumes of the products stored

The box is waterproof and can also protect basic equipment for outdoor adventures and trips or camping storage, matches and lighter, paper and fire ignition cubes, toilet paper and paper towels. You can also use it for storage of tools, such as a bulk toolbox or to carry other small accessories.

These boxes, if they are in good condition are very practical, waterproof and resistant, but they age badly and rust easily following shocks and friction.

Attention therefore to their condition in the surplus, the seal may be imperfect for both the hull and the seal itself that has cooked over time and depending on their storage and provenance.

SMALL TIP: to maintain the soft seal and avoid cracking it regularly pass a little talc on it.

Aerodiscount by providing you new ones does not take chances.


Technical characteristics:

• Metal box

• Complete with lever plate closure

• Flat articulated transport handle on the top and round iron handle, also articulated at the lever closure

• Lid equipped with a flat rubber seal making the closing of the box completely waterproof

• External dimensions: Length 30,5 cm, width 15,5 cm, height 19 cm

• Inner dimensions: Length 27.8 cm, width 14.3 cm, height 17.2 cm

• Weight: 2.7 kg

Color: green Khaki