New Fireproof bag for LiPo batteries Expand

Fireproof bag for LiPo batteries 7.1x9.1 inches (18x23 cm)


  • Cover Case LIPO SAFE LIPO GUARD Fireproof bag for batteries for tablets, telephones, smarphones, walkie-talkies, GPS, drone batteries or important documents A practical, sturdy, lightweight protective case This cover protects your unstable Lithium Polymer batteries from overheating when poorly charged or after a shock, as well as protecting your electronic device from water, snow, sand and dust.

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LIPO SAFE LIPO GUARD Fireproof bag for storing LiPO BATTERIES and important documents

This case is mainly designed to protect a radio. It will allow you to protect it or any other electronic product from all situations of humidity. Worn as a shoulder strap it will leave your hands free.

This case is cut to the shape of a radio, it is transparent, waterproof and solid. Attention it is not designed to protect your device in case of shocks, but it will protect from water projections and even short term immersion according to our tests.

You can use it for all your portable radios of standard size because it fits many models.

This transparent soft plastic case with velcro flap that allows waterproofing leaves your device and its keyboard functional. The strap allows a passage around the neck. Sound remains audible.

Before talking about emergency landing or it will be essential to keep a means of connection to guide the rescue, this case will allow during outdoor activities, even if it rains heavily to keep your electronic device functional and dry. You won't have to worry about keeping your radio and/or cell phone out of the water thanks to its waterproof closure system. This product is designed to protect your radio, walkie-talkie, cell phone or other electronic device from rain or fog and is resistant to high and low temperatures (+50°C) ou par grand froid (-20°C). It is not normally designed to protect the transmitter from prolonged immersion in water, the radio may be damaged if the transceiver and the bag are immersed for a long time. But after testing by us, it is suitable in case of water landing to keep your radio transmitter functional for at least 1 hour and this even if it is only rated IP 65 (Fully protected against dust. Protected against water jets from all directions (6.3 mm nozzle, distance 2.5 m to 3 m, flow rate 12.5 l/min ±5%)


  • Dimensions :
  • L : 33 cm (with antenna)
  • l : 10,5 cm useful waterproof width of 9cm

    (If the circumference of your radio or walky-talky is less than 19cm, this pouch is suitable for your device).

    Shoulder strap: Adjustable from 60,5 to 110 cm and 0,8cm width.

    Waterproof closure by scratch. Rated IP65

    Weight: 39g