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AVIATION INTERCOM 4 ways Pilot Copilot and 2 passengers


Aviation Intercom 4 pax a light, portable, compact intercom for your plane! Designed for Mono and Stereo headsets it allows simple clear and powerful communications you can count on. You can use any combination of headset with same impedance. The compact design Measuring 11 cm x 8,8 cm x H 3,8 cm and light weight 350 gr. makes it easy to carry in your flight bag.

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Aviation Intercom 4 seats simple, lightweight, portable, compact, with good sound is designed for mono and stereo headsets. It will allow you easy , clear and powerful (without attenuation or loss) communication you can count on.

You can use any combination of aviation headsets but with the same impedance.

Its compact 11 cm x 8.8 cm x 3.8 cm H and light weight 350 gr. make it easy to carry in flight or in the bag of your headset. You can take it with you all the time as main intercom, particularly if you take or lease an aircraft not equipped, or as a backup (just in case). For the price and weight of a four-position, no need to have an intercom two positions. No additive module no additional cable or adaptor more or less loose to add additional passengers. Who can do more can do less.

Super, simple, don't you agree?


Constructed of strong ABS plastic with round corners, the AVIATION INTERCOM is built to withstand the tough life of a portable intercom. Inside, an electronic circuit board confer high reliability. A logical layout of the front panel make you understand how it works at the first glance. The easily readable prints of the controls reinforce the easiness. From bottom to top the controls are grouped conveniently, a line with female jacks for Pilot and Co-pilot, the line under is for passengers, then a 2 position switch stamped RADIO / INTERCOM allows pilot isolation if on RADIO or to share with others pax if on INTERCOM position. On the right of the switch a push to talk button.

The upper line is with two switches with position indicator on their top, the On / Off Volume switch on the right and the Mute (Squelch) on the left, easy to see with its red top.

Two little female jack on the left of the switches and vertically placed are marked In and Out.

In is to plug any portable MP3, CD or telephone with a jack cord. The out is to allow you to have a recorder plugged in so to record ATC conversation. A nice feature for FI or FE to review the flight with their student afterward.
The battery compartment with a sliding door, accepts a 9 v battery, the space is calculated so the battery cannot move when closed.(9v battery the large pole on the large contact ring at the bottom of the battery compartment.

On the vertical back side a DC 9 v. plug allows you to have an external power (adaptor required to reduce 12v or 24 v to 9v). The AVIATION INTERCOM is compatible with either our solar charger or 12 or 28 volt electrical systems (but reducted to 9v) and connects with a power-cord. If the power supply to the intercom is lost, the intercom automatically switches to battery back-up power.

When you turn on the intercom the Push to Talk button is lighted in red if there is no headset jacks plugged in. When the headsets jacks are plugged in when the voice-activated (VOX) is working the red light turns off, when everybody is on stand by and the voice activation (VOX) is not active (SQUELCH minimum) or very low. When you speak or when the squelch is not properly set the red light turns on again. Easy.
The voice-activated squelch circuit (VOX) adjusts to noise environment or can be set for a continuous open-mike condition (red light continuously on).
An integrated circuit allows you to use mono or stereo headsets. The convenient push-to-talk button for the pilot on the front panel gives a pilot-priority feature. This function allows the pilot to over-talk the co-pilot transmissions. Pilot isolate (position RADIO) provides exclusive pilot communications with the ATC. Other communications between headsets are not possible at that time.

The “fail-safe” feature gives a direct connection to the aircraft radio in case the power supply to the intercom is disrupted.

The AVIATION INTERCOM is equipped with a music-in jack for in-flight entertainment with automatic muting during intercom or radio activity (cable not included). This female plug (IN but also the OUT) can also be used to plug in a telephone (cable not included). This feature is not an in-flight feature that could be dangerous but could be use before starting engine for example (for your flight plan registering). Add an audio recorder and with the record out (OUT) feature, you can record ATC transmissions or cockpit conversations.

AVIATION INTERCOM is a simple but powerful, full featured, mono-stereo intercom.



  • On/Off volume switch.
  • Mute switch
  • Pilot isolate switch.
  • Push to Talk direct on the panel
  • Music In / Record Out jacks (cord not supplied).
  • Fail-Safe capability.
  • Powered by one 9V batteries (20 to 30 hours autonomy depending noise and usage conditions).
  • Auxiliary power with cord adapter (reduced voltage to 9v necessary) (cord not supplied) (Careful: direct connection voids warranty)
  • Measures 11cm x 8,8 cm x H 3,8 cm


  • Voltage required: Battery: 9-Volt 6LR61 9v - 6AM6 9v
  • Aircraft: 12 ~ 28V DC (direct supply voids your warranty, even with mandatory reduction to 9v)
  • Current consumption: 22 mA typical
  • Audio output: 250 mW
  • Mic. source impedance: 680 ohms
  • Mic source voltage: 8 ~ 9.6 V typical


  • Voice activated (VOX)
  • Fail safe pilot isolate
  • Volume control with On / Off switch
  • Squelch (Mute) control
  • Pilot priority PTT
  • Auto music mute


  • Rugged compact design
  • Number of positions: 4
  • Works with Mono and Stereo Headsets
  • Works with mixed Headsets of same impedance
  • Easy to open sliding battery cover on side
  • Audio in-out jack (Audio cord and auxiliary power cord NOT INCLUDED)
  • Dimensions: 5.1" L x 2.85" W x 2.35" H
  • Weight: 312 gr. Alone and 359 gr. with the 9 v. battery (47 gr.) inserted.
  • Gold Plated contacts