Electret Microphone Windscreen for Aviaition headset (Regular model) Expand

Electret Microphone Windscreen for Aviation Headset (Regular model)


Foam Windscreen spare part for Electret Microphone, Regular model. (for most Electret microphone)


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Foam wide model windscreen for ELECTRET microphone


This foam windshield for aviation microphone replaces the original windscreen when it is missing, torn or worn dirty. (Electret Mic Rectangular type)

Its usefulness is multiple, it reduces ambient noise and prevents air pressure to activate the microphone. Your squelch will then be set at a lower level .

The "Voice activation " ie the triggering setting voice level on your headset will also be set lower .

But one thing no one never tells you ...

The windshield actually protects your mic. On modern headsets, the electret microphone is very often found... The membrane of the microphone picks up ambient noises on both sides, then it will compensate this noise by a small capacitor, which will tend more or less this membrane.

This mic is therefore very fragile, delicacy of the membrane which is giving its flexibility makes it sensitive to high moisture. The windshield will create a barrier and will filter out the moisture from your mouth, it is indispensable.




By navigating the windscreen gently from one side to the other, it will be easy to put it on the headset microphone, but be careful not to tear it.

It stands alone, you can ensure its permanent position with a small rubber ring or a rubber band. This little ring is not an essential accessory. It is not supplied with this model.

Compatibility with David Clark's H10-13.4, H10-20, H10-60, H10-80, and H20-10 models