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Pulse Oximeter and Oxygen Saturation Monitoring


High definition fingertip oximeter with large color display of heart rate with pulse bar graph and oxygen saturation. Reading in both directions

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Pulse oximeter for heart rate and oxygen saturation monitoring SpO2 PR-PI - with finger clip – Blue


High definition fingertip oximeter with large color display of heart rate with pulse bar graph and oxygen saturation. Reading in both directions.

Easy to use: this pulse monitor is easy to use and features efficient one-button operation. The SpO2 sensor will check and display real-time Oxygen saturation, pulse rate and pulse pulse (SpO2, PR, with pulse bar graph), which can effectively check the strength of the heartbeat pulse signal.

Reliable and accurate: This high definition large screen Finger Clip SpO2 and Heart Rate Monitor is not only reliable and accurate in reading, but also durable in terms of both sturdiness and very long use or operation time. It is also equipped with a low battery indicator.

Use: It is ready to use after adding 2 AAA batteries, delivered in a protective cardboard box, this portable oxygen saturation meter is delivered with a user manual in English. To read it in French, you need to download it (see download area below the pictures).

You can take it everywhere and use your portable oxygen sensor at any time

Suitable for all ages: Oxygen saturation is an excellent indicator of general health. This finger monitor can be used as a simple pulse monitor after or during exercise or stress for example or as an oxygen monitor (especially if you wear a mask continuously) for both children and adults

Purpose of this equipment: The device is used by pilots in the cockpit to check their oxygen levels if they have the beginnings of symptoms of hypoxia or CO2 intoxication in particular or if they are or remain or have climbed rapidly to an unpressurized altitude (acute mountain sickness (AMS) or summit drunkenness, hilarity..). But it can be used for any other kind of sports practice, mountaineers and climbers, cyclists, skiers, trainers, drivers of motor vehicles and sports enthusiasts in general to check their heart rate change or their oxygen saturation evolution. It can also be used in everyday life to test your health (COVID ... see protocols that indicate its use)

Use and operation of measurement :

Place the finger inside the instrument well pressed,
Fingernails are not in the way and can be placed in the arch of the instrument.
Place your finger inside the clip after opening the jaw of the instrument and wait 5-20 seconds to see the result.

Included in the package:

  • 1 x fingertip oximeter clip
  • 1 wrist strap
  • 1 English documentation

ATTENTION: This device requires 2 AAA batteries to operate, not included

Color Blue

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