AVIATION INTERCOM 2 pax ICOM double jacks IC-A3 A4 A22 KX-99 (O) Expand

AVIATION INTERCOM 2 pax ICOM double jacks IC-A3 A4 A22 KX-99 (O)


Aviation Intercom 2 Ways ICOM jack and delivered with PTT on spiral wire for ICOM IC-A3 A4 A22 KX-99 (O)

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Aviation intercom 2 ways with icom jack delivered with ptt on spiral wire for ICOM IC-A3 A4 A22 KX-99.




This light portable compact is the only 2 Ways intercom very easy to use Designed for Mono and Stereo aviation headsets (with 2 GA Jacks) it allows simple and powerful communications you can count on. You can use any combination of headset with same impedance. The compact design Measuring 11 cm x 8,8 cm x H 3,8 cm and light weight 250 gr. makes it easy to carry in your flight or headset bag. You can take it with you all the time just in case you take an airplane not equipped. To be used with RADIOS ICOM IC-A3, IC-A4, IC-A22 or also for Bendix-King® KX-99 or REXON


NOTE: ICOM A3, A4, A22 have a different jack to limit compatibility with and A6, A24 and our supplier market the intercom jack model whose work properly with these recent radios. PLEASE CHOOSE THE RIGHT MODEL IN YOUR ORDER PROCESS

FOR SUCH MODEL: You can also use the adapter cable Icom - Jack General Aviation with the 2 places Intercom standard or music instead.



Constructed of strong ABS plastic with round corners, the AVIATION INTERCOM is built to withstand the tough life of a portable intercom. Inside, an electronic circuit board confer high reliability. A logical layout of the front panel make you understand how it works at the first glance. The easily readable prints of the controls reinforce the easiness. From bottom to top the controls are grouped conveniently, a line with female jacks for Pilot or Co-pilot, then a line of switches one stamped ON OFF this is the On / Off Volume switch then the (mute) Squelch button. On the right of the squelch switch a jack for the push to talk button.

The PTT set consists of an expandable spiral cord with a male jack at one end to be plugged in the PTT jack female connector on the intercom and at the other end a push button with a half moon back for quick mounting on a ULM trapeze or on a stick or handle or wrist or thumb through a velcro strip.
The battery compartment with a sliding door, accepts a 9 v battery, the space is calculated so the battery cannot move when closed. A connector at the end of a wire exit the housing in order to connect the batterie plugs. The size and form of the little metal capsules do not allow to use the battery the wrong way.


When everybody is on stand by and the voice activation (VOX) is not active (SQUELCH minimum) or very low.
The voice-activated squelch circuit (VOX) adjusts to noise environment or can be set for a continuous open-mike condition.
An integrated circuit allows you to use mono or stereo headsets. The convenient push-to-talk button for the pilot on the front panel. The “fail-safe” feature gives a direct connection to the aircraft radio in case the power supply to the intercom is disrupted.

Your device is ready for use after having connected the battery, you must turn the ON / OFF button volume and feel the little bed opening closure. Plug your headphone jack (s), speak into the microphone and adjust your volume (squelch mini), once you have connected to your radio set the squelch. You will therefore set the Voice Activated ie the outbreak voice.


Voice Control (VOX) set by the SQUELCH knob adjusts to the sound environment or can be set for continuous activation for micro continuously open.
An integrated circuit allows you to use mono or stereo headphones. The PTT button at the end of the sipral wire is convenient for the pilot. The "fail-safe " provides a direct connection to the aircraft radio in case the power of the intercom is disrupted.

AVIATION INTERCOM is a simple but powerful, full featured, mono-stereo intercom for an ICOM radio.


NOTA : Dans le cas ou vous utilisez une radio Bendix Kinhg KX99 il vous faudra basculer le petit interrupteur sur le côté de l'intercom pour que vous n'ayez pas un sifflement et une inversion de Push to Talk.


  • On/Off volume switch.
  • Mute switch
  • Push to Talk direct on the panel
  • Fail-Safe capability.
  • Powered by one 9V batteries (20 to 30 hours autonomy depending noise and usage conditions).
  • Measures 71 x 59 x 35 mm


  • Voltage required: Battery: 9-Volt
  • Current consumption: 22 mA typical
  • Audio output: 250 mW
  • Mic. source impedance: 680 ohms
  • Mic source voltage: 8 ~ 9.6 V typical


  • Voice activated (VOX)
  • Fail safe
  • Volume control with On / Off switch
  • Squelch (Mute) control
  • Works with standard aviation headsets with 2 Jacks : Pj-055 et Pj-068


  • Rugged compact design
  • Number of positions: 2
  • Works with Mono and Stereo Headsets
  • Works with mixed Headsets of same impedance
  • Easy to open sliding battery cover on side
  • Dimensions: 71 x 59 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 202 gr. Alone and 259 gr. with the 9 v. battery (47 gr.) inserted.
  • Gold Plated contacts