Cheche 100% cotton Multiple colours 200 x 100 on choice


This beautiful Cheche, wrinkled, 100% cotton, solid color and good size 200 cm x 100 cm will complement your PILOT LOOK. Choice of different colours.

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Wrinkle scarf (Cheche) in 2 m long and 100% cotton - in different united colors






As soon as you will have touched it, you will adopt it under all circumstances.

Timeless, its uses are many, there are only limited by your imagination. Because of its length, it is 2 meters long and 1.70 m not like most of other products on the market, it can be worn as a headband, around the waist or as a sarong on the beach, strapless knotted for women ...

It can also be worn as Kefie comfortably and without problem unlike shorter cheche


Aerial and lightweight 100% cotton, comfortable to wear, it protects or cold or hot. It may also serve as shawl. It can be worn in any season.

A nice easywearing accessory .

The cheche can be combined with any outfit whether casual or trendy chic.

Of course,  this is an essential accessory with a flight suit or a pilot jacket.


The colors available are easygoing:

  •      White
  •      Blue lagoon
  •      Gray
  •      Ivory - Sand,
  •      Kaki - Camel   

Perfect for a finishing touch to your dress that will be depending your tastes, in the same tone or sliced ​​with clothes.



     - Material: 100% Cotton
     - Dimensions: 100 x 200cm
     - Appearance: Crumpled
     - Delivered: Torssadé
     - Maintenance: - Washing Cotton

                        - Do not be ironed,

                        - Dry it, twisted


Attention to the first wash:

            Attention color can rub off even at low temperatures.