Aviation Headset Microphone Windscreen Large Model Expand

Aviation Headset Microphone Windscreen Large Model


Foam wide model Windscreen replacement part for aviation microphone. (mainly for Dynamic microphone.)


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This foam windscreen for aviation microphone replaces the original windscreen when it is missing, torn or dirty worn. (mainly for Dynamic microphone, it is BIGGER and LARGER than the one for an electret microphone)

Its usefulness is multiple, it reduces background noise and prevents the air pressure to activate the microphone. Your squelch will be set at a lower level.

Your "Voice activation" that is setting the outbreak by the voice with return on your earcup will also be set lower.

But the most important and no one says it ...

Is that this will protect your microphone windscreen. Indeed now the modern pilot headsets are all equipped with an electret microphone ... The diaphragm of the microphone receives the sound on both sides and does a noise compensation thanks to a small capacitor.

But guess what ? This mic is very fragile, due to the thinness of the membrane, it is seriously concerned by humidity. The windscreen protection will then filtered somehow moisture out of your mouth. That is why it is essential.


The windscreen can be slipped easily on the mike, gently doing a side by side on the headset microphone. Itstays on without anything else, but it is best to be sure to keep it in place with a small rubber ring or a small rubber band