Fire stone Emergency Lighter for all Weather - block of magnesium Expand

Fire stone Emergency Lighter for all Weather - block of magnesium


Fire stone - Emergency Lighter to light a fire whatever the weather conditons. A block consisting of magnesium, a rod of Ferro and a piece of saw blade that's all. Will allow you to start a fire even under the rain.

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FIRE STONE -Emergency lighter to start a fire in any weather




The magnesium block with a ferro rod and a little saw blade are attached by a chain.

This is not ONLY a Fire stone, the magnesium is the plus.

Finished the wet or moist match-box that does not work when needed. Finished the gas lighter empty or with a sparkeling wheel that does not work. Not to mention the problem of pressure change in the cockpit.

Resulting from the survival technology, we offer this accessory element for both survival but also for use in simple trip. Stable element this article does not generate risk in your cockpit.

You will leave your lighter at home and light your fire easily.

And whatever the weather.

Gring the magnesium block after obtaining small pieces of magnesium placed them on moss or paper or dry leaves or slightly damp that will ignite quickly and they generate a lot of heat. Scrubbing the ferro rod with the saw blade will ignite the little chips and then the materials in contact with them which will allow you to start a fire even in bad weather.

To ignite you must rub Ferrocerium bar with the saw blade and obtain sparks which will ignite the chips.

Hint :

Better still having tried by dry weather and have understood the operation. Use this product in the first place as a game before trying to use it in an emergency or survival.

Technical data:

  • Flint (Ferro rod)
  • Magnesium block (NOTE: receiving your block has asperities on magnesium and traces of oxidation, it is normal it is not because we have it for 20 years on the shelves!, Or was already used)
  • Allows about 10,000 lights
  • Survival Accessory
  • Dimensions: 77 x 27 x 9 mm
  • Includes knife and chain attachment to all


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