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Fireproof bag for LiPo batteries Large size 7.87x11.81 inches (20x30cm)


  • Cover Case LIPO SAFE LIPO GUARD Fireproof bag for batteries for tablets, telephones, smarphones, walkie-talkies, GPS, drone batteries or important documents A practical, sturdy, lightweight protective case This cover protects your unstable Lithium Polymer batteries from overheating when poorly charged or after a shock, as well as protecting your electronic device from water, snow, sand and dust.

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LIPO SAFE LIPO GUARD Fireproof bag for storing LiPO BATTERIES and important documents

Lipo Lithium Polymer Battery Safety Guard protective charging bag Large size 7.87 x 11.81 inches (20 x30 cm) . This bag is the safest way to charge and store your LiPo Batteries, alone or mounted on a device when travelling. Protect your workshop, your family and your home from the dangers of charging or storing LiPo Batteries. It's a fireproof bag designed to stop and contain any fire caused by improper charging of malfunctioning LiPo packs.
We always warn all our customers to exercise extreme caution when charging lithium-polymer packs. Never leave a lithium battery charging unattended.

This case cover is primarily designed to protect against the dangers of charging or storing LIPO batteries. It protects you from the risk of fumes and fire from any electronic product using LIPO batteries.

This rectangular bag is available in 2 sizes and 3 colors, and is fireproof, waterproof and strong.

Caution: This protection is not designed to protect your device in the event of shocks. In addition to charging with an unsuitable charger or a charge imbalance between battery cells, these shocks are often the cause of battery kissing.

You can use this fireproof protective bag for a wide range of portable devices. Phone, tablet, GPS, watch, drone or model batteries, small radio, camera

In addition it is indicated by the manufacturer as being anti-radiation.

In a closed cockpit such as that of an airplane, it's an invaluable safety feature.

Far more practical than the ammunition box, both in terms of volume and weight, it nevertheless limits the size or number of devices or batteries stored.
Easy to use and carry, so it's always at hand when you need it. The bag closes with Velcro to make it completely airtight.

Multi-purpose: This pouch protects all potentially flammable or explosive components. Suitable for Lithium polymer batteries to charge, store, transport and travel in complete safety. This pouch offers ample space to safely store and protect legal documents, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, ID cards, driving licenses or licenses, contracts or even cash, jewelry, family or precious photos and other valuable documents from fire. This fireproof bag provides reliable storage for your documents.


  • Dimensions :
    length: 30 cm (11.81 inches )
    width: 20cm, useful watertight width of 9cm (7.87 inches)
    Thickness: 6 mm
    Velcro waterproof closure.
    Weight: 84 g.
    Material: High-strength, tightly woven fiberglass.
    Fire and explosion resistant
    Delivery per unit: 1 X safety charging bag for LiPo batteries
    Color: Orange, Silver, Black Size: 20 x 30 cm

    NOTE: This protective bag is also available in size 7.1 x 9.1 (18 x 23 cm)
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