Adapter LEMO® 6 PINS Male to Airbus XLR 5 Female type BOSE® A20 Expand

Adapter LEMO® 6 PINS Male to Airbus XLR 5 Female type BOSE® A20


This Adapter allows you to connect a BOSE® A20 aircraft headset with XLR-5 to an Airbus® panel 6-pin Lemo plug


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Aircraft Headset Adapter from XLR-5 to a Lemo plug 6 PINS Airbus panel Installation



Adapt your XLR plug headset to a 6-pin LEMO AIRBUS® installation with this simple and robust adapter.

This Adapter allows you to connect, for example, a BOSE® A20 Headset with XLR plug to an AIRBUS® Com panel equipped with LEMO® Sockets. It converts your headset to the Airbus standard. Panel must be powered

This affordable adapter will allow you to use your XLR plug headphones. You will not need to buy a new headset and will extend the versatility of your headset to use aircraft equipped with an LEMO® installation. Practical if you are in particular an Airline Pilot.

Length: 23 cm
Accepts an XLR5 male headset to connect to a LEMO 6 PIN AIRBUS® type female panel
For use in all devices equipped with XLR female dashboard jacks
Converts the jack of a Bose® A20 XLR headset to the AIRBUS LEMO radio intercom system.


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    Adapter XLR 5 to AIRBUS LEMO
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