AVIATION ANR HEADSET "Tranquility"® MP3 Protein Leather Earseals (Unplugged Shut off) Expand

AVIATION ANR HEADSET "Tranquility"® MP3 Protein Leather Earseals (Unplugged Shut off)


ANR AIRPLANE PILOT HEADSET (Active Noise Reduction). The ANR Tranquility - A headset ANR aviation of great comfort at a small price ! experience a quiet flight ! Equipped with a innovative MP3 socket on the casing of the battery box, this will allow you to listen to music or plug in your phone. Go to the ANR, change you headset.

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285,00 €

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(Active Noise Reduction - Active Noise Cancellation) 


The TRANQUILITY ANR HEADSET is for AIRPLANE PILOT offered with double jacks aviation - BOOM FLEX - Protein Leather Earcup seals - with Jack 3,5 mp3 on box

(ANR : Active Reduction of Noise - Electronic Noise Reduction system)

Regarding the ANR Tranquility : We will not tell you that we have developed after long studies, for many years, because if you knew the truth... These are lies...

However, it was selected, tested and imported... for you, allowing you to select the options that we thought were useful, or that had made their evidence, and given satisfaction.

We offer it at a price incredibly MINI...

The ANR technology (Active Noise Reduction) is a comfort that when you've tasted it, you cannot go back.

It combines with a level of comfort and listening at the highest level. The
PROTEIN LEATHER EARSELS offer a level and extraordinary comfort already in the passive version and the electronics of the ANR handles noise across the frequency spectrum, an audio clarity and irreproachable comfort is the obtained.
  • The Protein Leather and the memory foam create a good seal, but it also improves the wearing comfort of clamping.
  • The Protein Leather earseal, offer a soft touch, and avoid sweating, that is going to be limited. Wearers of glasses with the memory foam will also appreciate the material that ensures a good level of sealing
  • A small innovation for long trips... auxiliary audio input MP3 on THE BATTERY BOX. You will be able to inject music or it will allow you to listen to your messages from your phone.
Attention, you're not going to be able to speak to your correspondent if you call or receive one, it will be necessary to place the phone's microphone in front of your mouth in parallel to the headset micro.

When you say input MP3, it is only a sound input, regardless of the device plugged... (MP3, CD player, Telephone, GPS...)

A Flex boom microphone for a perfect placement of the microphone. This option has often been requested as an addition to the offering of the Full Spectrum with their Mono-Hand-Mike-Perch.

ATTENTION / PRECISION : The MP3 input does not include voice activation. This means that you will manually and voluntarily decrease or stop the audio playing in order to listen to or talk with passengers or the outdoors correspondant.

You wanted an efficient and affordable ANR Headset ! THINK of it : TRANQUILITY

And the innovations :

A 3,5 female Jack sound entry, called MP3 jack

The explanatory of this page takes the place of the manual because nothing is complicated and everything is intuitive.

BATTERY CASE : Inserting a square 9V battery (6LR61 ) drag the pane to the case door battery, after you rotate the belt clip, look at the demarcation on the sides within the box (+ and - are also engraved in the plastic but quite difficult to see), the plus of the battery goes on the plus of the case and the minus at the minus, close the case after you have placed the battery. Connect your headset to an intercom or on the directly plug it to your radio, turn on the radio or the intercom, the headset then works with the ANR.

This is an AUTO-SHUT-OFF headset the ANR only works if it is plugged to an intercom or a radio electrically fed. The ANR cuts out when you unplug the jacks or that you cut the power of the intercom or the radio.

Here it is, if you find this complicated you will have to stop the plane and to fly.

If you choose to purchase this headset, we recommend you to purchase the padded bag at the same time to ensure optimal conservation and protection. Think about it when you place your order

Link to the padded bag  Sacoche matelassee de casque

Features :
  • The Frame is fully chromed
  • A foam Super-soft headband ribbed is the Trim on the frame metal adjustable.
  • The Headset have protein leather earseal for a great Comfort.
  • As always, the Shells in Green Aviation, are resistant to shock and tested to vibration and reliability.
  • The Boom Flex, allows for easy adjustment and allows a precise positioning of the microphone.
  • The micro electret noise-canceling filter and transmit clear communications, and performs in a performing way, the separation with the noise environment.
  • The windscreen of the microphone protects the mic electret noise-canceling moisture and wind noise or breath and gives the transmission more clear. It has its usefulness and remains indispensable for ALL helmets with micro electret (the humidity of the breath to the long-roasted to the electret, of the same are never mentioned ever in a micro, it will break the membrane, instead it said 1-2; 1-2-3 test)
  • The manufacturing process is thought to sustainability, even if compared to the FULL Spectrums of the arrangement is more loose and the invoice is less accurate.
  • The button of volume control individual on each ear, allows you to choose the level of listening that suits you.
  • Jacks (PJ-055 and PJ-068 jack microphone separate from the headset (the standard configuration of aircraft and general aviation)
  • NR Rating of Passive Attenuation : -24 db
  • Rotation of the boom microphone : 320 ° (Use in Right or Left)

NOTE : This headset can be used with a hearing aid.

ANR System :
  • It is a square 9 volt battery type that provides more than 10 hours of operation.

After sliding the battery compartment cover, insert a rectangular 9V battery, placing the larger terminal on the battery in contact with the larger terminal on the bottom of the case.

REMINDER: The TRANQUILITY is an AUTO-SHUT-OFF headset whose ANR operates only when connected to a powered intercom or radio. The ANR cuts out when the jacks are disconnected, or when the power supply to the intercom or radio is cut off.

ATTENTION : We re-note : this headset is not from the same supplier and therefore of the same construction and technology as the Full Spectrum range !
It is recalled that the microphones in our terms and conditions are guaranteed only 3 months.