ELECTRONIC SCALE with LCD DISPLAY for LUGGAGE from 0 to 40kg small dimensions, which allows to carry it  everywhere

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15,00 €

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Do not take any overcharge risk ! Check your Weight and balance....
Do Not do it saying :
"Oh that, it's only 3 kg, go it's good..."

It is not only Ultra-Light Airplanes that are sensitive to the calculation of mass... we are all facing from the VariEze to the A-380
Do not take a risk of overload!
Hold on to the strap, your bag or the one of your passengers with this portable weigh scale. The verification can also be done even at the foot of the plane.

It is good! the amount of baggage does not exceed the weight shown in the compartment...
For passengers, you will have to have their word for it. It can only weigh up to 40 kg.
CAREFUL : We always tend to indicate the weight, bare before breakfast... Eh, Eh! please keep this in mind.

It slips into the pocket and weighs nothing, this scale will always be at the bottom of your bag. The reading is easy onthe LCD screen.

Small size and low weight, it follows you everywhere. The reading of the measure is easy thanks to its electronic LCD screen.

You travel often! take this dynamometer with you. Do not go with overweight luggage at the airport,

If you are often on the go! Check before boarding to not go into overload.
Don't let surprise at the airport or often after parcels for your friends and family on the way back.
Of times 100 grams are enough to jump bracket. And the cost of the return gift flies also.
Why, then, have to pay extra for exceeding the weight limit allowed.

It is also interesting to weigh the schoolbag of your children, of your parcel to ship. It is a tool and a multi-purpose


  • Simple to use : turn it on, hang the luggage at the strap and read the result
  • LCD display is 3 characters
  • The Measure is precise to 100 g near (1 to 40 kg)
  • The Nylon Strap is with a closure clip, ø 23 cm
  • Power supply : 1 button battery (CR2032 delivered with the device)
  • Dimensions : approx 100 x 25 x 40 mm
  • Weight : 56 g
  • Extremely compact