Protect your money or your travel documents!
Finally a wallet belt that allows you to keep your usual belt.
put it on your reglar belt turned against your body.

Consists of a zippered pocket it will protect you from pickpockets.

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8,00 €

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A portfolio belt that allows you to keep your Usual belt.

Protect yourself from the risk of theft by pickpockets.

When traveling, there is always the risk of pickpockets who will try to rob you and your portfolio. While you are puzzled at the terminal, or on the street by going to your hotel. With the luggage you can not drop there to run after a thief.

Their technique, rush you, or squeeze you in a crowd, a metro or a bus for example, or offer you a deal by drawing your attention and your eyes on something else, in intering in your intimate area, too close to you, which makes you uncomfortable, they will present you a set of postcards, a map of the neighborhood or city, some fabrics, etc. ...

If he acts alone, he will show a hand, the other will take.

Very often they are several. One occupies the other acts.

This is where the money belts come into play and are useful. You will be relieved to know that your money is undetectable and truly against your body. The money belt will make it impossible to a pickpocketsto commit his theft without violence.
Pickpockets know these money belts exist, but their design makes it very difficult for any pickpocket the theft of money. They are therefore more likely to go to someone with open and free garments to attack an easier access wallet, in a back pocket of pants or an inside pocket of vest rather than trying to access to a belt.

You will keep your papers, cash and valuables out of sight and reach of pickpockets and opportunist thieves.

It allows to separate the money you take with you.

It is absolutely invisible and placed inside belt may not even be detected in a body search.

  •    Absolutely invisible because under your belt
  •    Two elastic bands to be placed between two belt loops
  •    Dimensions: 200 x 28 mm