GPS Smartphone Tablet Holder with Suction Cup EasyCockpit


Universal holder for tablet up to 10,1 or 13" in your plane cockpit with a high suction lever cup or or a tiller clamp bor 2 axes Ultra light or for cockpit canopy with 360 ° swivel joint. Accepts all touchscreens tablets up to 10,1 ou 13 ": Touchlet SX7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 '', Asus Nexus 7 ...


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Smartphone and Tablets HOLDER UP TO 10,1 or 13 INCHES WITH Lever Suction Mount ANd Rotating Hinge


AERODISCOUNT now has these supports manufactured on our behalf under our brand EASYCOCKPIT


Fastening sucion cup and ball joint with tablet holder for aircraft.



This universal holder ensures stability and safety to your Tablet when you use it in an airplane or an Ultra-Light.

Ideal for GPS applications, this support gives you full access to the various features of your Tablet and hands-free, hands-free viewing.

Its suction cup mounting system is both very efficient and easy to use. The depression of the suction cup due to its lever principle is important (sucking a large air volume). The vibrations have a low impact on your tablet, it is well retained and remains in place. Even in turbulence, your tablet will remain firmly fixed.

If you choose the clamp system, you will have the possibility to use the clamp either on a 2-axis microlight type bar or to clamp the aircraft cockpit cap which has an overhang.


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Made of two pieces, a solid clamp and an adjustable clip bracket that extends to the size of your tablet, it holds it firmly and eliminates all risks of dropping it.

For maximum safety, the bracket secured to the Bar of a 2 axes Ultra-Light or the Canopy of any other aircraft by means of its lever clamp, your tablet will also be held by the hooks at the end of the jaws of the support.

The adjustable jaw system is locked by a brake lever at the rear of the size adjustment rod. Your shelf will be sheltered in its casing with pressure cushions
in soft foam, it will be able according to the circumstances to be oriented at leisure because the head is orientable 360°


This support allows you to easily orient your tablet in optimal position so that it is visible on one side without reflection and the touch screen perfectly accessible.

In both landscape and portrait mode, you can adjust the viewing angle to enjoy the mode that's right for you.


Compatible with all 10,1 or 13 " tablets, Suitable for tablets with a width between 110 and 215 mm.

You can use it with an iPad Mini, Acer Tab, Touchlet SX7, Asus Google Nexus 7, Archos, HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3, Amazon Kindle, Motorola Xoom, Sony Tablet etc.

It has the advantage of not blocking the back of the tablet which allows better ventilation than if it is in a shell support.

The holding hooks allows large thickness so it also make it possible to use this holder with the electronic device in a protecting shell. This is a plus compared to some conmpetitor holders.

For temporary use, for example, in a flying club, the Tightening Clamp can be removed in a few seconds.




Connect the adjustable support base with the pivot ball provided for this purpose by unscrewing the ring, passing the rotation ball through the ring then inserting the ball in the 2 half cylinder then tighten the 2 half together. Th Clamp and the Tablet Holder are connected together.

  •   Chose the place where you want to put the clamp evaluate the thikness and adapte the Jaws bright to this thickness.
  •   Close the clamp using the ocking lever so to have is tight and stable.
  •   Place your tablet and adjust the rubber clips of the holder so that it tightens it. The support must have both supports in the low position if you are in landscape mode.



  • Universal tablet holder (Attention EITHER SUCCION CUP, EITHER CLAMP, only one type of fastening is delivered)
  •   Powerful attachment : Clamp With jaws moved by Locking Lever Clamp fixing up to 3.5 cm thick
  •   Extendable tablet support base (min: 110 mm - max: 215 mm)
  •   Always under the eyes: Comfort and ease of use with adjustable angle of inclination and head adjustable to 360 °
  •   Metal ball joint
  •   Ideal for viewing your flight navigation application
  •   Portrait or landscape mode
  •   Compatible with tablets up to 10,1 or 13 "
  •   Suitable for smartphone and GPS (flat) or tablets with a width between 110 and 215 mm
  •   Non-slip rubber foam cover to protect the device (claw clamp with soft rubber anti-slid and non-slip protection)
  •   Vibration resistant
  •   Dimensions & Weight: 168 x 200 x 113 mm, 166 g