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Belt cutter Window breaker Whistle on a Key ring


Belt cutter, window breaker, whistle all in a keychain. Considered a gadget, this multi-function tool can save your life on land and at sea.

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Presented as a key ring, it includes a belt cutter, a window breaker and a whistle. This compact tool can save your life on land and at sea.

Technical characteristics and uses

Emergency evacuation tool for use on land and on (or under) water, 1 glass breaker, seatbelt cutter and survival whistle, After a wooden horse and a hard landing, hanging from your belt you and your passengers panic, this key-ring belt cutter will free you from belts. Its punch, although designed to shatter glass, will with a little more difficulty shatter Plexiglas canopies (beware of water entering in waves when shattered). This emergency airplane or car evacuation tool can save your life.

Emergency keyring with seatbelt cutter Vehicle evacuation tool, window breaker for airplanes and cars. Can be used as a metal-tipped Safety Hammer for other purposes.


Slide belt into blade slot and pull hard. Take this Mini Hammer in your fist and strike the plexiglass pane to be fractured. On a glass pane, apply strong linear pressure and the glass explodes. This Rescue Hammer will enable you to evacuate a vehicle more quickly. The whistle can indicate your presence or alert rescue services. Suppose without a lifejacket (which has a mandatory whistle) you're making a crossing that you think is going to be short, and you've made the decision or are forced to land... You have a whistle to help you get spotted...

A compact, multi-purpose emergency evacuation device that's useless if you don't need to use it.

Technical Description

  • Compact multifunction tool

    - Size: 7.62 cm

    - Includes protected cutter blade

    - Glass-breaking punch

    - Whistle