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RADIO headset PASSIVE hearing protection


RADIO Headset with passive hearing protection

Provides protection against high intensivité noise by ifs sound insulation, while allowing you to listen to the radio. To use for safety and the protection of your hearing.

Its use can fit any type of activity or profession in which noise is very common (garden mowing, chainsaw, grinder, etc. ...)

High performance for noisy environments. To be used for the safety and protection of your hearing.

Same manufacture as airplane type compact headset line, same passive protection technology. For track and tarmac personnel.

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Aerodiscount's passive hearing protection radio headphones will amaze you with their effectiveness and comfort.

This headset will protect you from noise pollution and noise by providing PASSIVE hearing protection. It will be of particular use when you will be subjected to a noisy environment, whether you are on the edge of a track, or mowing in your garden. Its use is necessary to preserve your hearing during an activity that generates a lot of noise. In addition, this headset is equipped with an FM radio that will allow you to listen to your favorite radios to make its use more enjoyable. The choice of the FM radio station as well as the volume of the radio are adjustable in a simple way according to your preferences.

Its headband is comfortable and non-deformable, the ear pads are soft for an optimal comfort. The adjustment remains fast, indeed, the headband is adjusted through slides to the size of the head. The tightening is done thanks to the spring hoop. The tightening is very comfortable which ensures a pressure - soundproof performance. This headset requires 2 AAA stick batteries (not included) to operate the radio. The total listening time is variable depending on the volume level used. You must not forget to turn off the radio when you stop using it. In addition, lack of batteries will not prevent this headset from isolating you from external noise because of its PASSIVE protection (does not involve electronics and protects from noise by its mechanical insulation on the ear).

Note that this headset is not equipped with a Bluetooth system, nor a USB port, which unfortunately makes it impossible to listen to music other than radio. A new version will consider these options. Aerodiscount will propose it to you as soon as it is released on the market by the supplier.

This headset can be used in aeronautics for the ramp agents. Beware that it is not a communication headset but a simple FM radio listening headset.

It can be suitable for children in particular thanks to its S size setting.

Many uses will make it an inseparable companion, during various uses such as a match while being in the stands and following the live commentary on the radio, car races, racers or for tinkering, grinding, chainsawing, or mowing you will find a thousand opportunities to use this anti-noise helmet.

You will appreciate its comfort during prolonged wear.

With Noise be careful and vigilant for you and your close ones, the loss of hearing following an overexposure not only continuous but also to noises of excessive intensity of short duration is IRREVERSIBLE.


H= 34 M= 28 L= 22 Weight: 369g

Integrated antenna: 2.51 dBi Radio frequency, FM: 87.5-108 MHz with 0.1 MHz intervals

Operates with two 1.5V AAA batteries. Batteries not included.

Radio frequency, FM: 87.5-108 MHz with 0.1 MHz intervals

Built-in antenna: 2.51 dBi

Operates on two AAA 1.5V batteries. Batteries not included.