Starter Battery Super B 2600, nominal capacity: 2.6 Ah / 34Wh, Power: 660W / 1980W Expand

Electrical crimp termination for Super B Li-Ion Battery


Contact piece to be crimped on a cable connection to plug into a Li-ion Super B (8-14mm). Can be used for microlight aircrafts, airplanes, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, quads.

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CONTACT piece to be crimped on an electrical connection cable of a  Super B Li-ion Battery






Crimping contact piece for electrical connection cable of a Li-Ion Super B Battery (8-14mm). This contact allows optimal electrical performance for your Super B Battery.



The use of a special smart charger for LiFePO4 batteries is MANDATORY.

Thus will be taken into account the ambient temperature, the size of the battery, the potential differences of the elements of the battery. Recovery functions, optimization (balancing), tests of absorption and retention after charging.