Pair of washable cotton bonnets for airplane earseal headset Expand

Pair of Large Nonwoven Hygienic Ear Covers for Headphones


Hygenic non woovent Ear cover and protection for all kind of headset with large ear-seals also called "bonnettes". Used as sweat protection and moisture absorbent for aviation, Sono, TV headsets earseals. Fabric is non wooven material, washable few times. Sold in 10 pairs.

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Cotton ear cover PRotection and additive comfort FOR headset ear-seals - WASHABLE

Sold in pairs these Protective cloth called "bonnettes" will protect your ear seals, but will also ensure additional comfort and hygene as they absorb moisture. Especially useful for people who use loaner headphones from clubs, media libraries, music stores
They will create a barrier with the perspiration and dander left by your predecessors.

A little useful accessory if you use headphones that many pilots have used before you. Health issue. In libraries cloth protection "bonnettes" are provided and these are disposable to avoid pandemic diseases, Headsets are known to be real nests for microbes. Flying clubs in the process of offering cleanliness protection to pilots is slower.

The "bonnette" is in the form of a small cap that fits around the ear seal of the headset. It is maintained by an elastic which circle around the ear seal. It is therefore versatile for a lot of headset brand.

They are longer than wider. They have an ovoid shape.
Length at rest 11cm width 9cm, thickness allowing the attachment on a Headset ear cup 3cm with elastic (leaving an opening of 6 x 4 cm)
The extension can be about 1cm in length and / or width.

Of course you can use these cotton ear covers in a school for language laboratories, as well as video and sound production companies (recording studios for example) a much appreciated hygiene measure

They are WASHABLE several time..

Dimension 11 X 9 cm return 3 cm

  •   100% cotton,
  •   Washable.
  •   Absorbs moisture.
  •   Color Black
  •   Sold in pairs.

List of compatible headsets without the list being exhaustive:

- All Aerodiscount headsets,

- David Clark (all H10 series models),

- Pilot Communications (PA51, PA51C, PA11-20, PA11-40, PA11-60, PA12-8S, PA8000, PA18-50)

- Flightcom (4DX, 4DLX, 5DX and Classic ANR),

- ASA (HS-1 and HS-1A),

- AvComm (AC-200, AC-454, AC-900, AC-920, AC-747 and AC-950),

NOTE : This article is not recommanded for ANR headsets

Protective caps for heADSETSt earpieces cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged for hygienIC reasons.