Reduced price! Headset Aerodiscount Flex flor Ground Support operations PTT on handle and Long Cord Expand

Headset Aerodiscount Mono Hand perch for Ground Support operations PTT on handle and Long Cord


Passive headset for Ground assistance, Mono Hand mike boom, mono jack 0.51 mm, 3 contacts (SEFA type) with PTT (push to talk) on an Ergonomic handle (Ground support Headset ) with very long cord straight or spiral..


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Classic passive headset FOR GROUND ASSISTANCE with metal mike boom - mononjack (SEFA Standard)


GROUND SUPPORT Classic” Passive Headset metal mike boom for Boeing and Airbus

This headset can be used for ground and track support on aircraft that have adopted the single jack SEFA (5.10 mm). It is used to talk from the ground Assistance technician to the crew on airliners or business jet. (called Ground Support Headset or Headphones ground by certain users or manufacturers).

For ground agents to track and maintenance, it is used for operations control, Fixed Point, Push-back, and all Towing operation at Arrival and Departure.



  • Fully chromed frame.
  • Metal Headband ribbed with soft and comfortable foam, adjustable (adjustment to the volume of your head or when wearing a cap).
  • Aero green shells with Gel earseals  (Double Gel earseals can be adapted but will be more fragile for intensive use)
  • Mono Jack (0.51 mm, 3 contacts)
  • Mono-hand adjustable Mike boom for a precise adjustment of the microphone, comes with standard windscreen on it (2 joints you can tight with easy tightening screws and sliding earcups on the headband) (see Picture)
  • Noise Mitigation by amplified Dynamic microphone.


  •         Mitigation NR: -26 db
  •         Single jack (SEFA) PJ-051 Plug (5.10 mm)
  •         Frequency Response: 20 to 17.000 Hz
  •         Speakers: Impedance 150 Ohm / 300 Ohm mono / stereo
  •         Frequency sensitivity: 101 db
  •         Microphone: dynamic noise attenuation
  •         Microphone: 300-8000 Hz frequency response
  •        Cable length if straight : 6m (for ground use - the extension cable has a handle Push To Talk)  and 10 m with option : partial spiral reinforced version (polyurethane sheath with a high resistance to abrasion and cut, and agents resistant, chemical and hydrocarbon residues).
  •         Rotation of the boom: 320 ° (use up right - left)
  •         Weight : 540 gr

        (Manufacturer Specifications)


Ground Support aviation headset

For agents to track-back and for maintenance staff, this Ground support headset with a very good passive isolation (-26 dB), will allow you to establish quality communications for most operation in commercial aviation:

  •     Push back
  •     Arrival Procedures - Departure
  •     Towing
  •     Maintenance Workshop Operations
  •     Fixed points

Headset with high acoustic isolation -26dB, will provide the necessary comfort for your concentration during delicate operations.

For listening clarity, it is equipped with 2 headphones broadband, ideal for use in noisy environments. You will be fully understood by the crew or the technician in the cockpit, as it is equipped with an Pre-Filtered Dynamic microphone, which will filter out ambient noise and will provide a clear sound.

PTT mounted on an ergonimic handle activate the microphone. This handle is also handy to keep cable following. Because of its size you can find and take it easily. The cable on this product is considered as a wear element.

The headset will be connected to the network intercom panel via a standard 3-pin plug jack, cable is starting with an anti-fatigue gummy. This jack continues with the connection cable of 10 m, extendable to 12 meters if you choose the spiral option.


  •     Earmuffs high acoustic insulation -26 dB.
  •     Directional Dynamic microphone for use in noisy environments and clear sound.
  •     Earphones electrodynamic broadband 2 x 300 Ω.
  •   Option: Cable Law or 6 m coiled cable extendable up to 10 meters, polyurethane sheath with high resistance to abrasion, cut and chemical agents.
  •     Taking standardized male reinforced Ø 5.10 mm jack, 3 contacts.