New GPS Smartphone Tablet LARGE SIZE Holder with Clamp Expand

GPS Smartphone Tablet LARGE SIZE Holder with Clamp


Support for large 10.1" to 14" shelves (25.4 to 35.55 mm) for aeronautical use, with maximum 40mm tube clamp for tubes, and can be used as a 2-axis microlight bar or the cockpit cap of your aircraft. Articulation system allows 360° rotation, letter or landscape use and tilt. The diabolo clamp allows you to hold a large tablet.

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Smartphone and Tablets HOLDER from 25,4 UP TO 35,5 cm 10,1 up to 14 INCHES WITH clamp with INCLINATION and 360° Rotating possibility


This universal holder ensures stability and safety to your Tablet when you use it in an airplane or an Ultralight.

Ideal for GPS applications, this support gives you full access to the various features of your Tablet and hands-free, hands-free viewing.

Fastening is by manual screw tightening. Vibrations have little impact on your tablet, which is held securely and stays in place if you position the retention studs at opposite angles. Even in turbulent conditions, your tablet will remain firmly attached.

This clamp system also allows you to use it on an aircraft cockpit cap with an overhang. Use on a 2-axis microlight bar requires firm tightening to prevent the relative wind from turning the assembly.

Made in two parts, the screw fastener adapts to the thickness of your helm or cockpit cap. The 4 retaining studs are adjustable, and their diabolo shape, thanks to precise adjustment and firm tightening, will hold the shelf securely in place, eliminating any risk of it falling out.

The adjustable pin system is locked in place by a notched knob on the back of the adjusting rod. The edges of your tablet are protected by the rubber diabolo plots. The head swivels through 360°, allowing you to adjust the tablet's orientation as required.


This support allows you to easily orientate your tablet in the optimum position, so that the screen is perfectly visible without reflection, and touchscreen operation is easily accessible.

Whether in landscape or portrait mode, you can adjust the viewing angle to suit your needs.

Compatible with all 25,4cm jusqu'à 35,5 cm (10,1 to 14") tablets.

You can use it with any brand of tablet.

It also has the advantage of not blocking air circulation at the back of the tablet, which means it's better ventilated than if it's in a shell or a full support bracket.

The retaining studs also enable the holder to be used with the device in a protective shell.

For temporary use, e.g. on a flying club aircraft, the clamp can be removed in seconds.



Screw the arm to the clamp end of the bracket. (Note that this system can be dispensed with in favor of a male screw permanently fitted to the canopy overhang, enabling the bracket to be screwed on. Choose from the 2 sets of Y clamps supplied, those that suit the size of your shelf, screw them onto the back after inserting them into the sliding groove of the bracket, and tighten to a dimension close to the desired size. Note that you don't have to be symmetrical with the center of the bracket.

Fix the clamp in the desired position on your tube, or on the overhang of your cockpit cap, or on the edge of your table if you're preparing your NAV. for example, or recording your GPS track. You can also attach this bracket to the joystick or steering wheel of your aircraft. Be sure to check that you have full freedom of movement and travel in all 4 directions.
(NOTE: Even if this solution is possible for safety reasons, Aerodiscount does not recommend this option... potential risk of discomfort... settings may change during flight).
Turn the clamp screw clockwise to tighten it firmly (on some cockpit caps, a small wedge generally made of wood in the shape of the V of the clamp will be useful to have a flat surface and not mark the support too much).

Perform this operation without necessarily having the tablet in place in the jaws (diabolo studs), so you'll be more at ease, especially when it comes to seeing what you're doing.
Position your tablet and adjust the jaws (rubber diabolo blocks) in such a way that the rubber diabolos secure your tablet, and don't hesitate to force and tighten them. You need to take 2 opposite angles of your tablet. Check that it cannot slide sideways. Set it to landscape or portrait mode. Orient and tilt your tablet so that you're looking at the screen perpendicularly, to avoid reflections .


  • Universal clip-on shelf support.
    Clamp fastening up to 4 cm thick
    Shelf support base with extendable Y clamps
    2 sets of Y clamps with Diabolos rubber studs are supplied to fit tablet sizes from 25.4 to 35.5cm

      Always in sight: comfort and ease of use with adjustable tilt angle and 360° swivel head
    Friction system (not ball-and-socket)
    Ideal for viewing your navigation application
    Portrait or landscape mode
    Compatible with tablets up to 10.1" to 14" (25.4 to 35.5 cm)
    Suitable for smartphone and GPS tablets (flat bottom) with widths from 25.4 to 35.5 mm

      Non-slip rubber diabolo pads protect the device (rubber vise-type clamping)
    All unit connections remain free and accessible
    Max. dimensions & weight: 430 x 220 x 110 mm, 530 g
    Carton:275 x 100 x130