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Tracker GPS TK-102-2 GSM/GPRS High Accuracy with microphone


GSM Tracker - a mini GSM and discreet tracker, with microphone, it sends position data by SMS viewable on GOOGLE Map. It allows listening to the surrounding sounds and conversations. Follow your aircraft, your students. Find your lost or stolen property. Use is regulated.

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Mini GSM GPS TRACKER with microphone and igh Accuracy

Thanks to this ultra mini and hyper discrete tracer, follow and find your property. For an aeronautical use or well for a child an elderly person with Alzheimer's for example.
Thanks to the geolocation application you can know exactly where the tracer is located, very usufull for lost drone (UAV) (You can choose either continuous or punctual tracking according to the chosen tracking mode. This one has a autonomy of 6 months in standby, and therefore in punctual interrogation mode.
It can follow you in any circumstance hiking, flight, travel, you can link it to an airplane, a car, or any bike scooter, trailer, construction equipment ... In continuous transmission you have 10 hours d Autonomy and tracing available continuously. The route is reconstructed on the application provided.
Always operational, in fact if the GPS coverage is not available or the signal is weak the plotter will fold back on the GSM network. It therefore works even in buildings. A simple subscription of a SIM card phone 2 euros allows to use it.
So this is an inexpensive solution for aerial rallies or instructors wanting to debunk then face a card.
Follow, or find a lost or stolen object and possible thanks to this sneak. You will have a geographical location transmitted by SMS and possibility to hear the environment. It can therefore be used as a micro spy (Beware of legislation).
Fortunately, you will have anticipated this risk and placed this tracer in a discreet corner.
RECALL : You need a SIM card to operate this unit.