GPS smartphone or tablet gooseneck stand clamp for plane Expand

GPS smartphone or tablet gooseneck stand clamp for plane


Shelf or canopy support for aircraft with mounting clamp and rotating ball for your tablet or smartphone



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Airplane gooseneck Support  FOR Smartphone Tablet AND GPS with Clip and ball joint For orientation


Gooseneck to be used in Plane with Attachment clamp and ball joint tablet support allowing the orientation for adequate visibility for you GPS tablet and smartphone.


Enjoy more space and freedom of movement in your cockpit. With this support particularly practical, thanks to the flexible gooseneck, your tablet or your smartphone won't clutter up your space and steering your dashboard, remaining despite all, perfectly available and easily visible.

The gooseneck allows you to position your device exactly where it should be at your fingertips and eyes axis. Attached to the canopy cap, you will be able to orient it as you want to prevent reflection of too much brightness. It will also allow you to easily show your passengers or your co-pilot, the information displayed on the screen, by just pointing the media towards them.

There is no tool to provide to secure the bracket. A clamping screw in U shape, assured that it will remain stable. This allows you to move it without difficulty, in case of need. Practice on flying club aircrafts.

You will see that simple things can greatly facilitate our daily steering.


  • Practical Support for smartphones and tablets with metal flex gooseneck
  • Maintaining stable and solid the whole through a screw clamp for adapting to different thicknesses
  • Compatible with smartphones and the iPhone (5.5" and 6,8") (with cushion) and tablets, all brands (7" to 11")
  • Allows a Great freedom of movement : rotate, tilt, skew, rotate, forward, and backward
  • Tilt and pivot freely 360° : to position the screen in perfect conditions
  • The clamps have smooth Surfaces and non-skid as well as a coating padded
  • Leaves no trace
  • No tools required for easy Set-up on the dashboard
  • Total length of the arm : 584 cm
  • Thickness of bracket clamping of up to 50 mm
  • Weight : approx 0.85 kg


Characteristic of the product :
Dimensions : (l x w x H) : 85 x 210 x 620 mm
Weight: 0,90 kg
Load capacity max. :1.0 kg
Thickness max. for the clip :580 mm
Material ABS/steel
Adjustable 360°, in all directions

NOTE 1 :
The support for smartphones is designed for
devices from 58 to 88 mm wide. The devices more narrow or more wide cannot be maintained reliably by the bracket.

NOTE 2 :
Make sure no device is located in
the clamp, because it can be damaged to the
the time of installation.


Use :
1. Loosen the adjustment screw to open the bracket from the gooseneck. Assemble the gooseneck and the mounting clamp as shown in the diagram (see image), and then tighten the adjustment screw.

2. Loosen the adjustment screw at the level of the clip of the gooseneck. Place the clamp on a table edge to correct position, and then tighten the adjusting screw until the gooseneck holds firmly.

3. To adjust the tightness of your smart phone or tablet, open the clasp located at the back of the clamp and spread apart as necessary to pinch your smartphone or tablet. Put the device in place and securely tighten the clamp.