Aviation Headset Adapter for REXON or ICOM Radio Expand

Aviation Headset Adapter for REXON or ICOM Radio 4 Female GA Jacks 2 PTT


This Adapter allows the connection of a REXON RHP-530 radio to TWO Headsets with dual general aviation jacks, with PTT female connector and 2 PTT, It is an INTERCOM only for RHP-530.So BE CAREFULL this adapter IS NOT AN INTERCOM for ICOM products like ICOM IC-A6, IC-A15, IC-A24, IC-A3 and IC-A22 and Rexon RHP-530.







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JAck adapter to 4 Jacks Female General Aviation for RHP-530, WITH 2 DEPORTED PUSH TO TALK TO BE USED AS AN INTERCOM


By plugging the 2 independent jacks 2.5 - 3.5 mm of this adapter into your Rexon RHP-530 transceiver you will be able to connect on the other side 2 headsets with general aviation male plugs 5.2 - 6.3mm (Pj-055 and Pj-068). After configuring the REXON RHP-530 in an intercom configuration, you will be able to use it as an Intercom from one headset to an other

It will be also possible to connect a cable allowing the offset of 2 PTT (push to talk) which will avoid you to press the intercom pedal of your radio transceiver for transmission.

WARNING This adapter is not an intercom for ICOM products IC-A6 radio, IC-A15, IC-A24, IC-A3 and IC-A22 , so you will not be able to communicate from one headset to another, but the two headsets will have access to the radio so that everyone will be able to listen and communicate independently one from the other. A good compromise for tandem flights with an other radio than a REXON RHP-530.

The fact that the two small jack to be connected to the radio are independent will release you from the constraint of the spacing of connectors from ICOM standard.

This is an AERODISCOUNT exclusive product that we have specifically manufactured to allow you to buy a compatible and multi function product at a reasonable price.

This adapter has a jack for a deported dual additive PTT (Push To Talk)