Epaulets 1 Stripe - Gold - Nelson design Expand

Epaulets 1 Stripe - Gold - Nelson design


Epaulets Pilot - Copilot - OPL Gold Airplane or Helicopter 3 stripe 1 small in the middle

Pair of golden epaulets with 2 larges and 1 small stripe and a Nelson loop for pilot, copilot and OPL...

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Co-pilot /  first officer epaulets 3 STRIPES 1 SMALL IN THE MIDDLE

Pair of Golden epaulets with 1 stripe with Nelson design.

Our 1 Stripe epaulets are carefully constructed of high quality materials for durability and professional appearance. Complement your pilot shirt or pilot uniform.

Our epaulets are suitable for jacket, sweater and pilot shirts.
Boards come in  dark Navy felt