Green Polyethylene Safety Helmet Expand

Green Polyethylene Safety Helmet


Green Polyethylene Protective Helmet

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This helmet made of polyethylene will be useful to protect you during an activity involving a risk of cranial injury. Also, its use will ensure your safety when you are in an environment where the probability of a falling object is frequent. Wearing this helmet is therefore essential on a construction or building site. In addition, this helmet can also be useful for individuals during a domestic task representing a risk or an activity such as flying a drone.

The helmet shell is made of high density injected polyethylene. The surface of the shell is smooth, with twin ridges along the length and a solid ridge with a triangular section that gives the helmet greater rigidity. The helmet also has a visor in the middle and a water lip around the rest of the perimeter. It also has a comfortable headband to make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Nonetheless, it is obvious that it will not be able to protect you from all dangers, especially when they are of big scale.


6-point suspension with frontal band.

Manual adjustment of the harness.

Delivered disassembled.

Color: green

Weight : 317 g.

Packing : - carton of 60 pieces.

- Bundle of 1 piece.