Signal lamp with red light fixed or flashing rechargeable by Solar Energy Expand

Signal lamp with red light fixed or flashing rechargeable by Solar Energy


Signal red lamp with red fixed or flashing light rechargeable by Solar Energy. You fixed them at the tip of the signaling keel to delimit the total exclusion zone during the drone mission for an increased visibility.

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Signal lamp with red light fixed or flashing rechargeable by Solar Energy


Associated with the red cones ( RED CONES for DELIMITATION OF EXCLUSION SAFETY DRONE ZONE ) and fixed at the end of cone these lamps makes it possible to increase the visibility of a zone of take-off - landing and total exclusion during drone mission. The solar lights flash or can be lit in continuous red, the area is perfectly defined and visible even though their daytime intensity may seem low.

Fixing the lamps is done by clamping a collar on the top of the cone with a single diameter adjuster provided.

No need to worry about whether you have batteries or check their charge. Solar panel recharge them to keep them operational. In addition they are waterproof.



Solar black / red signaling lamp, originally used for cycling,
Dimensions 7 x 5,5 x 5,5 cm,
On / off  button.
2 LEDs, red light, 2 lighting modes, continuous and flashing
Attaches to the top of the keel.
Fixing screw fasteners included with diameter adjustment rubber,



Third Party Exclusion Zone

Paragraph 3.7.1 b) of the French UAV regulation "Protection of third parties on the ground" (section 2 of Chapter 3 of Annex III of the Decree of 17 December 2015 on the use of airspace by aircraft that travel without people on board (UAVs, drones)), requires a professional operator to delimit a safety zone. It must be materialized on the ground, it is called third party exclusion zone. Depending on the aircraft's take-off weight, flight height and ground speed, the radius and surface area of ​​the aircraft varies. The radius can not be less than 10 meters or 20 meters in diameter. The regulation also states that only the persons specified below may be permitted within the minimum exclusion zone outside the specific scenario 2 (S2):

1) The persons involved in the piloting of the aircraft or the operation itself having a role (for example a video cameraman, or a surveyor operator during a photogrammetric survey ...);
2) Persons isolated by a safety device or a structure giving them sufficient protection;
And 3) persons directly connected with the particular activity who have signed a certificate stating that they have been informed of the emergency measures defined by the operator in the event of an incident in flight of the aircraft. (an actor for example or married people...)

For more information, please consult our "Drones and Air Regulations in France" page.