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3 in 1 Endoscope Inspection camera – Type-C, Android and PC


3 in 1 Endoscope Inspection camera - Compatible with Type-C, Android and PC . Allows the visit of cylinder head interiors and others. LED lighting, 2m long wire, flexible and waterproof IP67.

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3 in 1 Endoscope Inspection camera – Type-C, Android and PC compatible


The USB system and part of the 2.0 OTG software and the endoscope is a new type of electronic product.

This product has many advantages  :

  • Small size and Lightweight
  • The front shell has a 5.5 mm diameter
  • There is an intelligent touch switch that can adjust the brightness of the six LED lights
  • The endoscope can connect to your phones and computers to take photos, videos and to record the entire process of your examination. (check compatibility of your device - see picture)
  • You can check narrow and dark places, with your device, check the inside of the cylinders, exhaust pipes and places not very easily accessible.


3 camera tips are provided, a magnet and a hook, they can retrieve lost items in small spaces. And a reverse mirror to see unreachable places.

Can be used to observe hard-to-reach areas such as stringers, cylinders, buried equipment, piston chambers, pipes, parts assembly, workshops, vehicle maintenance....

Extend your hands and eyes with this small and exquisite design with controllable light and ease of use.

To access certain areas, you will need to use a rod to stiffen the endoscope wire, which is delivered as a soft wire.


Specification :

  • 3 in 1 , Type C & Android & PC Endoscope
  • Lens Diameter : 5.5mm
  • Resolution : 640*480
  • Sensor size : 1/9 inch (2.54cm)
  • Frame rate : 30fps
  • View angle : 67 degree
  • Waterproof level : IP67
  • Exposure Light Automatic
  • Operating temperature : 0 to 70°C
  • 6 LED with adjustable brightness
  • 2m long usb cable
  • Soft wire
  • Power Supply : 5V DC via USB
  • Support System Android/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8
  • Photo format : JPEG
  • Video Format : AVI



Download the app by scanning the QR Code on your device (You can also follow the instructions on the instruction manual in the packaging).

A PC installation CD is provided, so simply insert it into your computer, plug your endoscope into a USB port and launch the application available on the CD. You can now take videos, photos or simply have a live image feedback from the camera.

Your phone must have a mini USB port or a Type-C port and support  Android 4.1 and above.


Package includes :

  • Endoscope
  • Hook
  • Reverse mirror
  • Magnet
  • Instruction manual
  • Installation CD for PC


Remove the camera protective cap before using the endoscope .


Note: We disclaim all responsibility for the use made of this unit.