Reduced price! AVIATION HEADSET Aerodiscount ANR Intra Auricular CLARIAK ®-P2 Expand

AVIATION HEADSET Aerodiscount ANR Intra Auricular CLARIAK ®-P2


CLARIAK - P1 PASSIVE HEADSET INTRA-AURICULAR ULTRA-LIGHT at 385€. An ultramodern aviation headset for the pilot no longer supporting the weight of a traditional headset on his head

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Clariak - P2 PERFORMING ANR Pilot Headset Intra Auricular Ultra- Light

An ultra-modern ANR aviation headset whose technical characteristics are identical to the Passive CLARIAK-P1 except of course for the ANR (Active Noise Reduction) This headset is intended for the demanding pilot who can no longer bear the weight of a traditional headset on the head and fly mainly in a low-noise environment.

Ultra light with a Passive Attenuation greater than -24db and an ACTIVE ANR Attenuation of 20db that is to say a total of 44db which is for the 2 types of sound isolation above the average, It offers an excellent comfort of flight and an excellent sound quality.

An ultramodern aviation headset for the pilot no longer supporting the weight of a traditional headset on his head.

Features : 

Ultra-performing headphones

The CLARIAK-P2 ANR headphones improve both passive and Active hearing protection and communication. Each earpiece consists of a miniature speaker of high sensitivity and HI-FI quality. It clearly reproduces the audio transmissions from the aircraft system whether from the occupants of the airplane or external radio transmissions. The tips in conformable and replaceable foam attach to the small listener that you place at the entrance of your ear canal. So watch out the volume because the movement of air in the ear canal is short between the emitting membrane earpiece and your eardrum, you must pay attention to the too high volume, the hearing damage is permanent, this is why the volume is adjustable on the satellite located on the cable between the jacks and the plane headset itself. Frequently used in airliners or military, including helicopter pilots mainly for their lightness but also because they can fit under a helmet without modification of the hull or without undue hardship.

Just by their quality completely clogging the ear canal, if properly used and placed in the ear, they have only for the passive an extremely high attenuation power, -24db. They are classified AUDIO HI-RES.

These innovative headsets were tested to very strict standards and are the subject of a patent from our supplier, although they are used performer on most people, but attention to small ear canals, because according to the morphology of each they can tend to fall off and generate a repetitive squat and pressure gesture to keep them in place.

The end caps are made in conformable foam (shape memory) and can be replaced. The foam is visco-elastic (this is the same as when the shape memory term is used for your pillow), nothing is really new this is the technology long used for simple ear plugs in noisy environments, you have probably already seen or used them, They are usually brightly colored or fluo yellow green blue or orange ... their performance is well established. This material provides wearing comfort and shutter conforming to the shape of your ear.

- These headphones come with multiple shapes and sizes of ear tips to allow for the best fit for your ear canal.

For maintenance, due to contact with the surface of the ear canal you will dirty them with earwax from the secretion of your ear. For cleaning, it will be without disassembly to wipe them with a damp cloth (warm water recommended) or if not a little soft damp cloth. More radically after having separated the ear plug of the electronic part by passing them under running warm water with a little dishwashing liquid.

For those who are very demanding and who want maximum comfort and a perfect fit, they have the opportunity to get custom tips done by a hearing care professional after making a print of the shape of their ear and their ear canal. Simple to make, no need to generate hassle, an audio technician near where you live, will carry out this operation and save yourself paying a price with our margin we would have to ask If we put an autonomous system of ear and earcanal print.

A microphone ELECTRET, noise cancelling.
This is the true microphone Electret, noise cancelling that is already used on the headset CLARIAK-P1. It is sound fidelity associated to high performance. Like all Electret it is a small pcb with a miniature capacitor that tends a thin membrane according to the ambient noise to let the membrane just react at "the sound of your voice". Its performance is optimized to be optimal in noisy environments, associated with frequencies of speech and human voices.

Miniaturized, discrete, at the end of a thin flex gooseneck boom, it's the same technology that is used by the TV presenters with micro-tie or artists or musicians on stage. All his qualities and their high level of sound reproduction, made that they are widely used in high-end technical solutions.

ATTENTION, they fear the rapid changes in temperature and especially moisture weakens them, by analogy exert an opposite traction on normal sheet of paper, it tends but will not tear, now wet it and substantially exert the same pull, it tears, it is exactly the same.

An Ultra lightweight Wired-keeping neckband.

Coupled to a flexible microphone boom, this ultra-lightweight neck band is identical to those of performing artists. No need for strong tightening, its comfort is due to its lightness and does not pull the whole down. It is forgotten, also, thanks to its simple design of support on the ear.


The cord with 1.2 m and its stereo satellite (for equipped aircraft) volume setting is designed to be anti-node. Equipped with 2 standard general aviation jacks (5.2 - 6.3)

Audio input (MP3) with cord

The satellite has an MP3 input on the left side
A double jack MP3 extension cord is supplied with the headset to connect a music source or phone (if it allows it - it must have an MP3 sound output jack)



- The lightness and freer head movements (weight 140 gr)

- The Wearing comfort, no sweating or irritation around the ears

- No pressure around and on the head

- No discomfort for eyeglasses wearers.

- Fine enough to slip under a helmet

- Due to the short distance between the miniaturized loudspeaker and the eardrum, a clear sound transmission.

- Built-in Ultra-light and Performing Miniaturized Electret Microphone.

- Light Pole positioning very flexible and that makes you forget it.

- Ear Tips conformable (shape memory Slats), allowing the best adaptation to the morphology and at a lower cost.

- Tips customizable possibility (by local audioprothesist - not supplied)

- Adjustable Volume

- Switch Mono Stereo Switch

- Operates with 2 AA 1.5V stick batteries

- Comes with MP3 cord

- Comes with a choice of ear tips in different shapes and sizes

(Technical manufacturer data)


It is recalled that the microphones in our terms and conditions are guaranteed only 3 months.