Cigarette Lighter Cable 12V for Rexon RHP-530 Desk Stand Expand

Cigarette Lighter Cable 12V for Rexon RHP-530 Desk Stand


Cigarette Lighter Cable 12V for Rexon RHP-530 Desk Stand to connect directly the stand to a 12v plug or cigarette Lighter female..


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12V Cigarette lighter CABLE FOR RHP-530 DESK STAND


Do you want your REXON RHP-530 aviation band radio handheld transceiver as a mobile device but connected to the 12 V of a ground vehicle.

This is the convenient adapter to install the REXON RHP-530 Aviation Transceiver keeping it as a handheld and completely mobile radio even if it is used in a track car a fire fighter vehicule or in a tractor used for your platform maintenance or in the winch that pulls your gliders.

No needs to remember to fully charge, or yo bring spare batteries or transform it into a fixed vehicle radio.

The REXON RHP-530 can keep its portability and will stay an airband Transceiver radio on your side walking uot of the vehicle ( Firefighter, Pusher, storage Tractor, a Balloon Tracking vehicle, Airfield Maintenance tractor, Glider Winch...)

Your RHP-530 is going to find its place in your regular desk stand (Standard accessory in the radio box we sell) you will have to secure it on the dashboard of your vehicle. This can work with simple double side Velcro patches. With a power cable plugged into the cigarette lighter plug (12 V) you will connect your desk stand so no need to ensure that the device is loaded.

BE CAREFUL : This accessory is not sold to allow installation as a fixed aviation radio.
The RHP-530 can be used in flight only as a spare and security radio and it cannot be mentionned on the aircraft LSA (Licence aircraft station). RHP-530 Can only be used in flight as a handy radio.


- Output voltage : 12 V DC,
- Weight : 20gr